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How Much Does 1ml Of Lip Filler Cost in Riyadh

Are you looking for a solution to get the sexier and fuller lips? Find no more, introducing you to the lip fillers. You will forget to reapply lipstick again and again with this treatment. Discover with us How Much 1ml Of Lip Filler Costs in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Regain your confidence with this cutting-edge technique. Say goodbye to the thinner lips and hello to a thicker one. 

Promote the elasticity of the lips with us now. 

Read the blog below to get the price in minutes. 

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: 1199 SAR 
  • Results: Temporary 
  • Downtime: one to two days 
  • Back to Work: after one week
  • Duration of Treatment: 1 to 2 hours
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive 

About Lip Filler: 

Fillers involve non-invasive and injectable processes to reverse aging signs and enhance facial expressions. The solution in the injection consists of a gel-like substance administered below the skin surface to create a fuller lips look, this injection adds volume to the lips to gain a younger look. 

It is also helpful in improving the overall facial balance, increasing the size of the lips, and rejuvenating the appearance. People who are looking for a saggy skin solution are best for these injections. 

How Much Does 1ml Of Lip Filler Cost in Riyadh: 

The cost of the typically varies between 1199 SAR and 1349 SAR per 1ml of the lip filler. 

This is not a final price and it can be changed depending on many factors, such as type of the filler used, the experience of the dermatologist, the location of the clinic, and number of the sessions required. 

The doctor can determine the final cost after analyzing the condition. Visit us to learn the cost now. 

Factors affecting the final price: 

Below are the factors that cause fluctuation in the cost: 

  1. Location: the final cost is dependent on the location of the clinic, if the clinic is located at an expensive location then the doctor charges a higher price 
  2. Type of the fillers: there are many types of fillers and every filler has its price. The doctor will recommend a suitable filler 
  3. Number of injections: the cost is also dependent on the number of sessions. The more the session the higher will be the price. 
  4. Expertise: the experience of the doctor also affects the cost, for instance, if the doctor has more years of experience then he will charge more price as compared to the less experienced doctor. 

Choose our clinic: 

If you want to enhance your lips’ appearance, Choose us now to meet our specialized dermatologist for the injections. They have experience of more than 5 years in injecting the injection of high quality. Our doctors are well known for advising and recommending the candidates and they are dedicated to providing the best possible results with personalized care for their candidates. To learn more about How Much 1ml Of Lip Filler Costs in Riyadh, come to us for the initial consultation. 

Grab your consultation now! 

Book us now at the aesthetic clinic to grab the consultation and learn about the prices and procedure of the lip filler. For more information, click the form below to reach us anytime. 

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