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Any type of little mark or bump on the face makes a person feel insecure about his appearance. The desire to remove acne, moles, or warts can be fulfilled easily. Many types of techniques are available that help in the removal of these unlikely marks. Say goodbye to these worries and get the ultimate Warts Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh offers swift and painless procedures. To know further about the treatments, read the details given below.

Quick Facts: 

  • Type of procedure: non-invasive 
  • Duration of treatment: 50-90 minutes
  • Side effects: a little redness
  • Results: Permanent 
  • Downtime: Minimal 
  • Cost: 499 SAR to 1499 SAR

What exactly are warts?

Warts are small bumps or tiny tumors that are formed due to contact with a virus known as “papillomavirus” (HPV); which is a human virus. These are benign. They cause mild pain and itching in the area surrounding. Most often they appear on the hands, feet, or face. In rare cases, these warts can also become cancerous and it can also affect other people easily in the same family. According to studies, there are hundreds and thousands of types of warts but all of them cannot cause cancerous warts. All types of warts are infectious and they can easily affect people of all ages.


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Best Warts Removal cost in Riyadh Best Warts Removal in riyadh Warts Removal Clinic Riyadh

Areas of warts appearance: 

Warts appear on one part of the body but these can also affect other areas of the body. Such as described below: 

  • Fingers and hands: Warts appear most commonly on hands and between fingers.
  • On feet: Other common types of warts are on the feet.
  • On the face: Threadlike warts also appear around the nose and mouth area. 
  • Genitals: Surrounding the genitals, different warts may appear due to HPV. 

What are the different types of warts?

Warts are divided into many categories such as described: 

  • Common warts: 

These are the common kinds of warts that appear in different areas of the body. They are rough brown.

  • Filiform warts: 

These appear around the nose, eyes, or mouth area. These are very thin in appearance.

  • Plantar warts: 

Such types of warts appear on the sole area of the foot. Usually, these warts are painful and tender.

  • Genital warts: 

These warts appear on the anus, upper thighs, vagina or genitals. These small mumps are generally attached to the surrounding skin. These can be single or multiple.

  • Lumps: 

These warts are brownish in appearance and form in spots.

Kinds of Warts Removal Treatment: 

Over-the-counter treatments:

  • Salicylic acid: In wart removal treatment, salicylic acid is used in gel forms.
  • Lactic acid: Wart tissues can be broken down by using lactic acid creams that are also combined with salicylic acid for better results.

Prescription treatments:

  • Cantharidin: This is a type of resin that forms a little bump/blister. With time, the wart falls off.
  • Trichloroacetic acid (TCA): In the form of chemical peels, the cosmetologist uses this technique to remove warts.
  • Imiquimod: This process is used for the removal of warts that fight (HPV) papillomavirus. It is used in a cream form.

Other procedures: 

  • Laser therapy: In this treatment, a laser beam is used for wart removal.
  • Curettage: Sharp cosmetic equipment is used to cut and scrape the warts.
  •  Cryotherapy: Liquid nitrogen is used in this procedure and the frozen warts then eventually fall.
  • Electrosurgery: The burning technique is used to die the wart off.

Pre-procedure care:

Some of the  general considerations that might be important must be taken care of: 

  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Stop taking medication including antibiotics.
  • During consultation inform the doctor about your early medication or health.
  • Keep the area surrounding the wart clean and dry.

After Care: 

Some specific instructions must be taken care of after the treatment:

  • Clean and dry the area treated with soap as told by the doctor.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the treated area.
  • Do consult your doctor in case of any infection.

Goals of Warts Removal?

  • The warts can be removed causing no pain.
  • After the removal of the warts, the itching before the procedure vanished.
  • The removal then cannot be spread to other body parts.
  • The removal does not cause scars or spots.

Other instructions to acknowledge: 

  1. Consult a qualified cosmetologist.
  2. Get the preferred treatment according to your skin type.
  3. Search for good quality clinics.
  4. Discuss your health with the doctor.

Cost of Warts Removal  in Riyadh: 

The cost of Warts Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia varies from person to person. Depending upon many factors the total cost is decided. 

  • Average cost: 499 SAR to 1499 SAR
  • Laser Treatment: 1499 SAR per session 

Factors impacting the cost: 

  • Type of procedure used
  • Location of the clinic 
  • Expertise of the dermatologist 
  • Technology used during the procedure 
  • Fee of the specialist 


You should repeat this procedure 1 to 2 times daily as needed.

Home treatment is also effective in removing common warts. 

Apply Vaseline or Aquaphor to the area 1 to 2 times daily. 

Some people develop warts because of certain genetic susceptibilities.

Choose us:

If you are one of them who are suffering from itchy warts or cancerous warts spots then consider our Wart Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Our qualified cosmetologists working at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh offer the most friendly environment for their candidates. Get your dream model face and be confident. Our qualified dermatologists will provide you with great solutions. We’ll zap those warts in no time. Don’t hide and seek the treatment you deserve. Visit us for further information and get more knowledge about the treatments used.

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