Gallbladder Stones Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Cost

The removal of gallbladder stones is also known as Cholecystectomy, these stones can cause pain and inflammation in the bladder of a person which can be a painful sensation for a person. There are a few ways to remove this kind of stone laparoscopy. The gallbladder is not a vital organ for a person but its problem can irritate daily life stones can be of many types and in the initial stages of the procedure local anesthesia is used to make the area numb that the dermatologist is treating. Common symptoms of this problem are pain in the abdomen, jaundice, and fever due to the pain, a person going from the bile duct also gets infected by the stones in the gallbladder.

Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time:  1 to 2 hours
  • Results time:  4 to 6 weeks
  • Downtime:   1 to 2 weeks

What is Cholecystectomy?

It is the surgical treatment to remove the Gallbladder Stones Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. It is a pear-like organ and is present in the lower abdomen. It collects and stores digestive fluid that is made in the liver called bile. It is a safe and one of the most advanced surgeries performed by dermatologists to save the life of the human. Risks in this procedure are minimal and several small incisions are made at the abdomen of the person. But if there is a major problem or the stones are big the incisions that are going to be made will be large because of the small incisions you can go home the same day but in the case of large incisions, it is different as you might have to stay in the hospital for a few days.

The course of action:

At the start of the procedure, the medical history of the patient is observed in detail then the person has to over go from some tests to check the overall health of the person. Then to control the pain of the patient in the initial stages local anesthesia is used. Incisions are then made at the abdomen of the person and with the help of instruments the veins are arteries are isolated to have a safe and comfortable surgery. Then the stones from the bile duct are removed as the person is still unconscious. After that, the incisions are closed carefully to prevent bleeding to have the best results, and to protect he should Follow the post-operative measures and clean your wounds gently with warm water and a clean cloth attend all appointments with the dermatologists to observe any kind of negative or positive changes after the procedure.


The results of cholecystectomy are the patient gets relief from the pain and discomfort in daily life. It is a safe and effective procedure for permanent solution if proper care is done. Most patients recover within a few days, but some might take a few weeks if the stone that is removed is of greater size. Patients get relief from nausea, pain, fever, and digestive issues that can cause weight loss and height problems due to nutritional deficiency.

Post-operative measure:

  1. Always follow the instructions given by the dermatologist and have proper medicines.
  2. Do not eat spicy food or food with a high amount of fat during the initial stages.
  3. Keep yourself as hydrated as possible it will promote the healing process of the body.
  4. Avoid activities that can be heavy for your body and cause the opening of the stitches
  5. To manage the pain take painkillers given by the dermatologist properly.
  6. Have a proper amount of rest and quality of sleep for optimal healing.
  7. Do not lift heavy objects during the initial stages of the treatment.
  8. Attend all the appointments with the surgeon so that the outcomes can be observed properly.


  1. The person gets permanent relief from abdominal pain, nausea, and fever.
  2. Digestion of a person is improved by having such kinds of treatments at the proper time.
  3. Quality of life is enhanced as the person is not as ill as before.
  4. After such surgery, the risks of gallbladder cancer are very much reduced.
  5. As it is an advanced treatment it causes minimum scarring of the body.
  6. Recovery time is short as it is a new technique to fix such problems.
  7. The overall health of a person I improved by this treatment and life expectancy increases.


The cost of Gallbladder Stones Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh varies from SAR 14,550 to SAR 39,550 it is a cost-effective procedure with results that are ever-lasting and natural-looking and far better than traditional ways to treat it.

What makes us different:

Here most advanced techniques are used to satisfy the requirements of the parents by the most experienced, qualified, and professional dermatologists. We have maintained our results of the successful surgeries performed. Our results are natural-looking and fulfill the price that is paid to us. We take hygienic conditions very seriously for every person and everyone is treated equally the cost of the treatments done by us is less as compared to others.

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book a consultation with us by visiting our website on the internet, Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you can discuss your realistic expectations and goals about the treatment you are willing to have from us. Our well-qualified professionals will give you the best advice for the solution you are looking for yourself according to the skin type, the problem you are facing, and also how critical it is.

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