Green Peels Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Aesthetic

Quick Facts

  • Cost: 449 SAR to 849 SAR 
  • Results: Amazing 
  • Downtime: 2-3 days 
  • Back to Work: The next day 
  • Duration of Treatment: 30 minutes maximum 
  • Type of Procedure: noninvasive 

Do you want to achieve fresh skin without going through surgical treatment and side effects? Get the Green Peel Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia to achieve younger-looking skin. Say goodbye to the inorganic chemical peel solution and hello to an organic one. This technique is approved medically to stimulate collagen production. 

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What is green peel treatment: 

It is an alternative process to traditional chemical peels. It consists of a mixture extracted from the plants and the herbs. This mixture helps in stimulating the circulation of the blood and extracts the skin that is dead. 

Which ingredients are present in the Green peel: 

The green peel consists of the following ingredients: 

  • Horsetail 
  • Pansy 
  • Ribwort 
  • Lungwort 
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Marigold 
  • Spirulina 
  • German camomile 

Aim : 

This treatment aims to enhance the appearance of the skin and helps to improve the skin texture without causing the complications. Moreover, it also promotes smoother and more radiant skin by extracting the dead layer from the skin. It enhances the flow of blood to the skin and encourages the body to increase new cell production. 


After the procedure is done, you will see the new, healthier, smoother, and plumper skin. The results will not come immediately after the procedure, it may take some days or weeks to appear. You may notice the complete results after one or two months. 

Follow the guidelines properly to get more instant results. 


The following are the benefits of the treatment: 

  • It helps to reduce aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles 
  • It is a non-invasive process 
  • It contains no downtime 
  • Compilations are less as compared to the other peels 
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin 
  • Tightens the skin of an individual 
  • Suitable for all types of skin 

Perfect Candidate: 

The man and woman both are perfect for this treatment. It is mostly suitable for people who have the following conditions of the skin: 

  • A person with wrinkles, pores, and expression lines on their face
  • People having wrinkles or saggy skin 
  • Candidate with no allergy to chemicals
  • Aged people with loose skin 
  • Anyone who has damaged skin 
  • Anyone with pigmented skin 

Pre-care Instructions: 

The pre-care instructions for the treatment are as follows: 

  • Avoid using the chemical on your face for some time 
  • Follow the diet plan given by the doctor 
  • Avoid using hair removal creams for one month 
  • Do not face the sunlight for some time 
  • Eat healthy food 
  • Quit smoking 
  • Do not take anticoagulant for one week 

How is the Procedure done? 

The following are the steps of the procedure: 

  1. Cleaning: at first, the doctor will clean the area by removing the makeup and oil from the skin. 
  2. Application: the doctor will apply the mixture on the skin of a candidate that contains the herb and massage the peel into the skin with a special technique. This will help stimulate the blood flow and increase the production of collagen. 
  3. Time: The doctor will leave the peel solution on the face for about 20 minutes to get it to work on the skin 
  4. Removal of the peel: after 20 minutes of the peel, the doctor will remove it by washing it with warm water. After removing the peel, you may notice some red sunburn marks. 

Post-care Instructions: 

It is an effective way to restore the firmness of the skin. It can only be possible by following the given instructions:

  • Always apply sunscreen before going out 
  • Take the medicine regularly 
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking more water 
  • Do not smoke 
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol 


As the process is noninvasive it will take less time to recover. The recovery time may vary from one week to two. To recover quickly, one must follow the guidelines given by their doctor. 

Cost of green peels in Riyadh: 

The cost varies between 449 SAR to 849 SAR . This can be affected by depending on many other expense factors like doctor charges, quality charges, experience of the doctor, location of the clinic, and reputation. 

Do you want to get the exact cost? Then book us now as the exact cost will be calculated by the doctor after the initial consultation. 

Factors Impacting the Cost: 

The factors that cause fluctuating in the final cost are mentioned below: 

  • Location 
  • Number of the sessions 
  • Experience of the doctor 
  • Reputation of the clinic 
  • Type of the technique used 

Best Surgeon for Green peels treatment: 

Do you want to book yourself for a green peels treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia ? Then wait no more, at our clinic we have a professional dermatologist who knows how to perform the procedure and its possible complications. Our team has experienced higher years and they ensure that the process is done without causing any complications and side effects.so, hurry up and grab your consolation with one of the best dermatologists. We are waiting for you. 


Yes, it promotes a more radiant skin 

Yes, this peel contains aloe vera and German camomile. 

Yes, you should take 2-4 sessions for the optimal results. 

No, the complications are less in this procedure as compared to the other peels. 

Yes, this peel is also used for the hair boost. 

Yes, it recovers the younger skin 

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