Best J Plasma for Thighs and Arms in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Get ready to transform your life with J plasma surgery for thighs and arms, it is the ultimate solution for those who want to achieve tighter, smoother, and rejuvenated skin in their thighs and arms. we offer cutting-edge J Plasma treatment that has become a dream come true for many people looking to get rid of saggy skin and excess fat. Unlock your confidence with the transformative journey of J Plasma treatment that helps contour and rejuvenate your arms and thighs, reducing excess fat, cellulite, uneven skin texture, and wrinkles. Say goodbye to fear of judgment and hello to radiant and rejuvenated skin from the inside out.

Don’t settle for anything less than this treatment, which uses cold plasma energy that is cooler than laser energy, reducing the risk of tissue damage.

Quick facts:

  • Downtime: after some days
  • Back to work: after one week 
  • Duration: 50 to 60 minutes
  • Type of procedure: non-invasive 

J plasma: 

It involves a non-surgical, yet semi-invasive skin tightening treatment. It is used as a cosmetic procedure that uses a multiple combination of helium plasma and RF which is helpful to restore and resurface the skin to improve skin tone and quality. The treatment is a modern-day tool for discarding your aging problems and locking youthful effects without causing any damage or side effects.


It will help you achieve a more radiant, firmer, and youthful look. the collagen level of our body increases naturally. You will notice more improved muscle definition. some bruises and swelling can be expected during the recovery process. 

A few sessions would be needed to get the best possible results. our experts to provide you best possible results of j plasma treatment for thighs and arms.

Main Aim: 

The treatment is specifically designed to address concerns related to loose, wrinkled, and saggy skin on the thighs and arms, effectively targeting visible signs of aging in these areas

What are the benefits of this treatment:

Here are some benefits of getting this treatment:

  • Treat skin laxity that has resulted in pregnancy, aging, or weight loss.
  • Non-surgical treatment 
  • Less painful  with no scarring 
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Immediate result 
  • Mostly, one session gives the desirable result 
  • Innovative solution to get rid of droopy skin without even going to the gym
  • More safer due to its cold plasma technology 
  • Shorter downtime

 Perfect candidate:

 People who are the best fit for this treatment are:

  • People who have busy schedules but looking to get rid of their loose and saggy skin
  • Don’t want to go for any surgery 
  • Want immediate result 
  • People up to the age category of 30
  • Desire to get youthful skin without spending hours in the gym.

How is the treatment done:

  • Evolution: the patient undergoes the evolution process with professional healthcare providers. which gives a briefing about the treatment objectives and helps to determine the suitability for the treatment.
  • Preparation: The treatment starts with local or general anesthesia as per the patient’s choice. 
  • Incision: After cleaning The designated area doctors make tiny incisions.
  • Application of j plasma: after that, a hand-held j plasma apparatus is inserted into the surface of the skin With this device radioactive waves and helium gas are released into the deeper layer which creates cold plasma energy.
  • Fat reduction and tightening: after reaching the skin layer waves give a tightening effect by firming the underlying tissues which gives defined appearances and attractive looks.

The duration of the procedure depends on the scope of the treatment, but it typically lasts a few hours

The Recovery phase: 

our experts will guide you throughout the recovery phase. You can go back to the normal routine after a few days.


we offer you an affordable price for getting j plasma treatment for thighs and arms. 

our price starts from 4999 SAR. The variation can occur due to many factors like the experience of the doctor, and the complexity of the patient. 

Get the accurate cost by reaching us.  

Why choose us: 

we provide you with effective treatment at affordable prices. our experts will help you rejuvenate your arms and thighs like never before. it helps boost your confidence to live a healthy and happy life. we prioritize your safety and satisfaction first.

Book an appointment now to meet with our experts and learn more about this game-changing treatment. Our affordable prices make it easy for you to achieve your goals towards a healthy lifestyle.

Our experts will provide you with a brief guideline for post-care, and you will need to avoid light activities for a few days


The cost starts from 5000 SAR. 

Results will be seen by patients soon after surgery, but not right away. Over the following several months to a year, as the skin undergoes remodeling and the production of new collagen, the results will be visible.

Although the effects of this procedure can endure for several years, aging, sun exposure, and weight changes may have an impact. 

By continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle and using skincare products to nourish and protect the skin, patients can preserve the results of the procedures.

It enhances the skin's appearance by giving it a more rejuvenated form. It increases collagen regeneration and elasticity. It has a short recovery time and minimal downtime.

Yes indeed, It is a very fast and safe process for skin tightness.

Transform your life!

Book us now at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh to get the j plasma for thighs and arms in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.  Our experts will provide immediate results that you can see right after the treatment.

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