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Have you ever thought of how you can maintain your good health in the current era where the diet is not healthy? No time for exercise and many more. People don’t know how to keep up their health. Now you don’t have to worry as we provide you the solution  IV drip therapy in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia . With the help of this, you can maintain your overall good health. The IV drips are made of substances that are injected into the patient’s veins directly. These are then absorbed by the human body which helps to maintain the fluid flow of the body to remain normal. Iv means Intravenous therapy that can be used for multiple purposes. It is a fast process and results are mind-blowing. The results can be short-term or long-term according to the use of drips and the results you want.

Fast facts:

Here are some fast facts about the procedure:

  • Procedure Duration: The time that is taken during the process is about 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Downtime: The downtime of the procedure is very short. It is about 10 to 15 minutes
  • Back to work: After getting done you can go to your work without any delay by yourself.
  • Results: The results can be seen in less than a day. The results will be seen properly in 1 to 4 hours.

What is IV Drips are made of?

Many different fluids are used in the IV drips for different cases. Mostly vitamins, electrolytes, and water. The fluids may depend on your condition and need and the results you desire. Mostly vitamins vitamin B, C, and D are used. These are essential for our body and help it boost and high your energy level. In minerals calcium, magnesium can also be used in the fluid. Amino acids are also sometimes used in the fluid for fast and better results. 


The aims of the treatment may vary from person to person. The main aims are:

  • To keep your body hydrated as IV drips are directly injected in the veins it will make your body boosted and hydrated.
  • IV drips contain essential nutrients and will provide your body by passing through the digestive system. This will ensure that your body is getting all the necessary nutrients.
  • To boost your energy level. If you feel lazy and low all day you can consider this procedure.
  • If you are physically ill or recovering IV drips can help you recover faster.
  • It can also make your skin fresh and good as your body will get all the minerals it needs.


Before undergoing the treatment you may have to follow some rules to get the best results:

  • Consult with a doctor to discuss your condition and the type of process you want.
  • The doctor will observe you and will provide you with information about the treatment that is best for you.
  • You may have to drink more water than your normal routine. A hydrated body will make the results more appealing and good.
  • Depending on the IV type you may have to fast on the procedure day to avoid complications during the process.


The procedure of the treatment is not very complex and involves Selecting the IV drip that is best for you. The area where it is going to be injected it is going to be cleaned. Usually, it is injected in the arm gently. The fluids then go directly to the bloodstream which allows you to maintain good health and boost your energy level. Your overall condition is going to be observed during the process such as blood pressure, Your vitals, etc. When injecting is done you will have the time to relax as you will have to wait for the fluids to spread around your body. The IV bag will be connected to your body and the fluids will be transferred and after 45 to 60 minutes it will be removed by the doctor. After that, you will be able to go. You may feel a little pain or dizziness.

Ideal candidate:

Anyone is a perfect candidate for this therapy who:

  1. Has fixed health concerns that can be achieved by these IV drips.
  2. To support the immune system. Someone who is facing a disease that requires a strong immune system to be covered.
  3. Wants the best solution or way to stay hydrated and boost their energy.
  4. Looking for a procedure that can be altered according to their need and desires.
  5. Is willing to follow the pre and after-procedure instructions to get the best outcomes.
  6. Has real expectations about the process and is determined to undergo the process.
  7. Is willing to undergo the treatment under the consulation of a qualified doctor or healthcare.

Cost of IV Drip in Riyadh:

The cost of  IV drip therapy in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia depends on various factors including the experience of the doctor. The location of the clinic. The type of the IV drip you want. No of sessions that are going to be done. The results you want. Knowledge of the doctor. 

Why choose us?

IV drip therapy at an aesthetic clinic in Riyadh is the best option you have as we provide you with the best doctors who have both knowledge and experience. The safest and most secure method. Top quality of the IV drips that are going to be used. 

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