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Varicose veins are large, prominent, and thickly spread veins present on the body of the person; they are not a very serious medical issue but can cause irritation and disturbance in the appearance they are most commonly present on the legs. The only problem caused by them is that they can easily be noticed by anyone anywhere. But we have found a solution to this problem at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh named Varicose Veins Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia where professional and experienced surgeons and doctors are present to solve such problems with the help of the most advanced techniques. Prices are also affordable because of the surprisingly good results we provide. They are very similar to spider veins but smaller in size and have two colors blue and red but varicose veins are mostly darkly colored. Factors causing such problems are genetic material and high blood pressure which cause the diameter of veins to increase. The results of this treatment are remarkable because of our skilled doctors.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are similar to spider veins; they are of dark color and appear mostly on the legs and are caused due to high blood pressure and genetic factors. They are swollen blood vessels under the skin that can easily be noticed and sometimes are irritation and embarrassment. It is not a serious medical issue; they are due to age factors, sagging skin, and deficiency of minerals. It has many ways of being treated and some amount of local anesthesia can also be used to make the treatment comfortable for the patient. It is a permanent solution to your veiny problems. But before having such kind of treatment on yourself, always consult with a well-qualified and experienced surgeon as he will guide you with the best way of treatment for yourself according to your skin and the medical history you have. They also appear because people use birth control pills which are the leading cause of such problems nowadays. 

The course of action:

After all, before having any kind of treatment or modifications on yourself, always consult with a well-qualified and professional vascular doctor as he will guide you about the treatment with its upsides and drawbacks. After this, some diagnostic tests will be performed to find the blood flow with the help of ultrasounds and blood tests. Pre-procedure instructions should be followed like changes in lifestyle, leg elevations, and exercises to prepare the body for treatment. After this, there are some treatments from which the issue can be resolved such as Endovenous Laser Ablation, Sclerotherapy, and Stripping. During such procedures some amount of local anesthesia is also used to make the procedure comfortable for the patient and the surgeon. After the surgery dissolvable incisions are made and post-operative measures are instructed to be followed strictly for having the optimum outcomes of the procedure.


The results of the treatment are remarkably good as 90% of varicose veins disappear permanently and it will show results within three weeks. Because of such treatment, there will be an increase in the confidence of the patient due to such improved looks. The results are surprisingly good because of our doctors.

Post-operative instructions:

  • Wear the prescribed stockings to improve blood flow and reduce swelling.
  • Do not sit consistently in one position or at one place to prevent blood pooling.
  • Maintain a healthy weight as it will be beneficial in all ways of life.
  • Raise your legs to the heart for some time to maintain blood pressure.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and consume food full of nutrition that is needed by your body.
  • Protect the treated area from direct sunlight and use sunscreen while going outside.
  • Avoid having hot baths which can dilate your blood vessels.
  • Have gentle exercises for the treated area to improve muscular activity without starting blood.


  • The appearance of the person is enhanced due to an improvement in cosmetics.
  • Symptoms are pain, irritation, and discomfort will be eliminated from the patient’s life.
  • As it is a non-invasive procedure it causes minimum scarring.
  • Circulation of blood improves in the body of the person reducing the risk of swelling.
  • Results are natural-looking and will be ever-lasting if a proper lifestyle is followed.
  • Some changes in the treatment can be made according to the goals of the patient.

Options for varicose veins treatment:

  • Compression Stockings: compressions are gradually used to improve the flow of blood in the affected area.
  • Sclerotherapy: a solution injected into the veins of the area to fade their color and collapse.
  • EVLT: a laser beam is used to remove the appearance of veins for healthier veins and better appearance.
  • Radio Frequency Ablations: High-heated radio frequencies are used to remove the blockage and restore the blood flow.
  • Surgical stripping: it is not an advanced treatment but removes the affected veins.
  • Endoscopic Veins Surgery: a small camera is used to visualize any kind of big problem through small incisions

Cost of Varicose Vein Treatment in Riyadh:

The cost of Varicose vein treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia varies from SAR 999 to SAR 1499 which is not very costly according to the surprisingly good results provided by our doctors consistently.

What makes us prominent?

Here we use the most advanced techniques to provide the best results to everyone. Hygienic conditions are well maintained by our staff as well as by our doctors to make the patients comfortable. We have always provided quality results because of our doctors, surgeons, and the help staff which has maintained our standards.


Make sure to walk daily and slowly increase your walking distance.

You may resume work and normal routine activities within 36 hours, or less.

The Ambulatory Phlebectomy process is used to remove varicose veins.

Massage can help a little but it is not an effective varicose vein treatment.

Getting an opinion:

Here anyone consult with us by visiting our website on the internet that is Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh where you can discuss your realistic expectations and goals about the treatment in your mind with our doctors and surgeons and they will guide you with the best treatment you can have according to your skin, medical history and the problem you are facing.

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