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Are you dealing with freckles on your face? Are these spots decreasing your confidence? We have the best Freckles and Blemishes in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia which is the ultimate solution that decreases the spots on your face and makes it less visible. Get the results and personalize the treatment with our clinic. Be ready for an enhanced skin texture with minimal downtime at our clinic. Read below to know more!

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: 999 to SAR 2,000.
  • Pain Level: low
  • Back to Work: after 2 to 7 days
  • Downtime: minimal time 
  • Gender: both men and women can get this. 
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive
  • Duration of Treatment: one hour
  • Common side effects: redness, swelling, peeling, bruising.
  • Results: long enduring

About Treatment:

Freckles are tiny flat spots on your face the condition is caused due to sun exposure. This condition is not an indication of health harm. It can be formed in various parts of the body including the neck, back, upper chest, hand, and arms. The freckles can be treated by using a chemical peel, cryotherapy as well as laser. There is a wide range of spot colors such as brown, red, and dark brown.


The laser light helps in eliminating freckles as well as blemishes from the skin. It helps in controlling the melanin production of the body and tightens the pores on the skin. It also helps in decreasing spots on the face and provides spotless skin.


The freckles and blemishes can be caused on the skin due to these listed factors:

  • The condition can be experienced due to genetical factors.
  • The condition can also take place due to xeroderma pigmentosum which can be caused by ultra-violent radiations from the sun.

What are the solution treatments?

Several treatments help in reducing freckles on the skin which are:

  • Chemical Peels: The chemical peeling therapy can help in reducing the freckles as well as blemishes on your skin. The acids containing alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic, and phenol can also be used on the face for treating the condition. The treatment works by eliminating the topmost layer of the skin and giving the skin layer beneath which has a lighter skin tone.
  • Retinol: The condition can be treated with the help of using retinol which causes the skin cells. The treatment is used to boost collagen production tighten the skin and eradicate freckles.  
  • Laser Therapy: The condition can be treated by applying a high-intensity laser beam on the freckles that helps reduce and eliminate the freckles on the skin. 

Before Treatment:

The process before the treatment is:

  • The person’s skin condition will be examined and the doctor will find the best treatment.
  • Multiple check-ups are done to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • The spots are inspected if they are freckle signs.

During the Treatment:

Multiple treatments can be used for the elimination of freckles. The doctor determines the best procedure for the treatment depending on the condition of the patient and the skin type. The procedure involves:

  • The area of the treatment is cleansed properly.
  • The doctor uses a cream that is used to numb the area where the laser will be applied.
  • The intense beam of laser will be sourced from a hand-held device the doctor will apply this light on the area of treatment.
  • Individuals may need to go through multiple sessions for optimal results.

The treatment does not remove the spots completely but it helps in reducing the spots from the face during the first session. The doctor will calculate the number of sessions depending on the number of spots and the condition of the patient.


The treatment helps reduce the spots on the face and these spots are sensitive to the sun’s radiation. The laser treatment helps in making the spots less visible. 

Post care instructions: 

You are advised not to go out in the sun and avoid direct exposure to the sun. More instructions are:

  • Use a sunscreen on the face.
  • Do not take a shower for a day after the treatment.
  • You can apply ice packs on the area of treatment to reduce redness and speed up the recovery.
  • Follow the directions of the doctor.

Cost of Freckles and Blemishes in Riyadh :

The cost of the treatment is evaluated based on the amount of intensity and the number of sessions with the doctor. The condition of the patient can also affect the cost of the treatment. The cost is SAR 1,000 to SAR 2,000.


No, you should not take a shower after the process for some days. 

No, there is no recovery time, it can heal in about one to two days. 

It cost about 999 SAR to 1999 SAR. 

Yes, it is effective and provides good results.

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