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In Lipomatic Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic eliminates extra fat from the body of the patient to provide a more defined and sculpted look. This is a non-invasive procedure that causes minimum scarring and results are ever-lasting and natural-looking. Generally, they are minimally harmful tumors that do not cause any serious problems but fat cells are divided excessively which weight of a person is gained and the body looks more fluffy and irregular in shape which lessens confidence in the life of the patient and now they will be unable to wear the desired clothes they wanted to. Sometimes general anesthesia is used to make patients feel comfortable and the results start appearing within 3 to 7 days. The treated areas will be the arms, neck, thighs, and belly of the person.

Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time: 5 to 6 hours
  • Results time: 3 months
  • Downtime: about 2 weeks
  • Side effects: numbness, scarring and bruising
  • Procedure types: it has various ways of being treated.

What is Lipomatic treatment?

It is a surgical treatment that aims to remove the excess fat from the skin of the person. It also enhances the look of the person and age is also reduced by a defined and more sculpted appearance that the patient gets after some slight modifications. General anesthesia is used in the procedure and the amount of anesthesia used depends on the part where it is being performed and the amount of skin that is going to be removed from that area the procedure is done in a few sessions at least two and the result to appear within 3 to 7 days after the treatment person should also follow the post-operative measures for having the optimum results after the modifications. Swelling of the body is reduced by this method of treatment.  People usually go for this procedure to modify their looks.

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The course of action:

First of all consult with a qualified and professional surgeon before having any kind of these treatments according to the skin type of the patient and medical history is also observed before the procedure begins. The area that is going to be treated is observed and proceeds in certain steps. After that follow post-surgical measurements that will include fasting and the person will be restrained from certain activities. General anesthesia will be used to perform the procedure by making incisions in the areas from which the fat is going to be extracted. A solution that also contains anesthesia is injected into the person’s body which reduces bleeding and fat removal will be made easier. After this, the incisions will be closed and recovery will take some time so the person should be patient for the results to appear properly.


It is a cosmetic treatment and defines the body which enhances confidence and a boost in self-esteem is also observed. Now the person can wear anything they always desired. Results also depend on the experience and abilities of the dermatologist who has scaring is minimal because it is a modern treatment the results are ever-lasting and natural-looking.

Aftercare measurements:

  • Wear clothes that can easily be carried and are soft and supportive.
  • Avoid performing harsh activities during the initial period of recovery for optimum results.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and have food full of nutrition to aid your healing process.
  • For managing pain use proper medicines which have been described by the doctor.
  • Do not come in contact with sunlight and use sunscreen while going outside.
  • Gently the wounds with warm water and clean cloth to protect them from infections.
  • Have proper rest and be patient for the results to appear as they might take some time.
  • Follow the appointments with the doctor so that your results can be properly observed.


  • Results are precise areas are targeted and accurate as compared to traditional methods.
  • The definition of the body is improved and a sculpted look is obtained by the patient.
  • It is not very costly as general anesthesia is used and results are ever-lasting.
  • Recovery is fast as compared to the traditional methods and tissue damage is minimized
  • The skin of the person is tightened and age is also reduced in appearance.
  • It has many ways of being treated and none of them is very costly for the person. 
  • It is a comfortable surgery compared to traditional methods and is less painful.
  • It causes minimum swelling and bruising to the person as it is a modern treatment.

Cost of Lipomatic Treatment in Riyadh:

The Cost of Lipomatic Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic is very reasonable and varies from SAR 2500 to SAR 4500 which is not as much as the results are ever-lasting and natural looking if a proper lifestyle is followed. It is because of our well-qualified and experienced dermatologists.

What makes us prominent:

Here we use the most modern techniques to provide the best results to everyone. Hygienic conditions are taken very seriously so everyone feels comfortable while being treated. Our excellence has been maintained by our doctors in all types of surgeries. Everyone is treated equally and guided with the best method of being treated according to the problem they are facing after their overall health and medical history are observed.


Approximately 80% of the candidates are satisfied with their results.

Yes, lipomatic is a very safe procedure.

No, lipomatic is not painful as it is done under local anaesthesia.

People with chronic health conditions

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book an appointment with us by visiting our website on the internet Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you talk with us about the realistic goals and expectations you have with the treatment in your mind and our surgeons will give you the best advice in their mind for the betterment of yourself and the results that will appear.

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