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Do you wish to transform yourself permanently? We offer cosmetic surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia to help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of. Our team promises to assist you in regaining the natural beauty that you have lost due to age. Explore how this surgery helps you unlock your self-confidence. Achieve stunning and amazing results by booking us. 

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: varies from one surgery to the other
  • Results: long enduring
  • Downtime: for about one to two weeks
  • Back to Work: after some days
  • Duration of Treatment: one to three hour
  • Type of Procedure: Surgical

What is Cosmetic Surgery? 

The surgical method is used to improve the body parts including the face, neck, or tummy. The goal of this procedure is to enhance the impression. There are different techniques available, they can eliminate wrinkles, and transform body characteristics. 

It is also known as the aesthetic surgery in which a person goes through the surgical process 

Main aim: 

The main aim of the surgery is to transform the look or the body shape. It helps to improve the appearance of a person, boosts confidence, and increases the volume or shape 


The benefits of these types of techniques are as follows: 

  • Enhances the confidence 
  • Boosts the health of the skin 
  • Reduces the weight 
  • Helps to achieve better sleep 
  • Enhances the overall look 


The types are different from each other due to how it works, what it works on and what are the compilation associated with it. 

The most common types are as follows: 

  1. Rhinoplasty: in this procedure, the doctor makes surgery to alter the shape of the nose and provides the perfect nose to the candidate 
  2. Liposuction: this type of procedure is designed to extract the fat deposits from the body to reduce the body weight and as a result, the candidate achieves the desired body shape 
  3. Breast surgeries: This surgery is for people who are not satisfied with their breast size or shape. This can enhance the size by insertion of the implants 
  4. Tummy tuck: in this surgery, the doctor removes the tissues to help the candidate reduce the excessive weight. 

Who can get this? 

The people who are perfect for any type of surgery are as follows: 

  • People who have a realistic expectation 
  • Anyone who understands the procedure and risks associated with 
  • Candidate should be above 18 years 
  • People who do not have any chronic conditions 
  • A person who has a stable weight 
  • Anyone who wants to reduce their aging signs 

Pre-operative tips: 

The tips that are essential to follow before any surgery are as follows: 

  • Wear the loose garments 
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol m
  • Keep the area clean 
  • Do not touch or rub the area 

How is the procedure performed? 

The procedure is performed in the following steps: 

  1. Anesthesia: at first, the doctor gives the anesthesia to numb the pain or to reduce the discomfort. 
  2. Incision: After the anesthesia, the healthcare provider makes an incision in the skin to make changes 
  3. Alteration: the doctor alters by adjusting, removing, or repairing the body part according to the candidate. 
  4. Closing of an incision: the doctor closes the incision which are made for the surgery 

Post-surgery tips: 

The tips which are given after the surgery is done are as follows: 

  • Take a lot of rest 
  • Avoid smoking 
  • Take the medicines which are given by the doctor 
  • Take vitamin supplements 
  • Drink more fresh juices 
  • Maintain the diet by eating healthy vegetables 


The recovery time for every surgery is different. Some may take months and some may take weeks. The non-surgical treatment recovers or heals the wound more easily than the surgical one. If you want to recover instantly, follow all the instructions given by the doctor after the procedure is ended. 

Consider us: 

If you want to undo the aging signs, choose us as your provider as we have a team of surgeons who are experienced in performing cosmetic surgeries with cutting-edge techniques. They have all the knowledge about the benefits, procedures, and side effects. To get more information, schedule an appointment with us. 


Yes, the surgical technique can remove the excessive skin from the body 

Yes, it helps correct the injuries 

The most common surgeries include the breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and the hair transplant 

Yes, the candidate is advised to stop smoking before or after the procedure

No, the person should not eat one night before the surgery day 

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