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Nowadays many people are trying their best to attain a perfect body. They also seek diet plans and gym experiments. But nothing shows any obvious results. As everyone is aware these diet plans and exercises can help in weight loss other athletes train to a certain point as they show the desired outcomes after a long wait. But no need to waste your time and get our Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic. We offer Abdominal etching for your desired dreams. Our surgeons will give you the best transformation for a whole lifetime. 

More about Six Pack Abs Surgery:

You must have heard about Six Pack Abs Surgery which is known as “Abdominal Etching”. A particular technique named “liposuction” is performed on the male’s abdominal body that helps to transform the body. Some extra fat is removed to do lipoplasty. Our expert surgeons guide the clients for the Six Pack Abs Surgery. In the above-mentioned liposuction process, some unnecessary bulk of fats are taken out that are present in between the Muslims. This procedure gives a proper masculine body appearance to the person. 

The major aim of this treatment:

There are some major aims of this treatment to perform. They are as follows, 

  • After the procedure, the client will see obvious results in the appearance. 
  • The muscles will be very defined. 
  • These outcomes can remain permanent if a proper diet is followed. 
  • The client will get a perfect boost in his personality. 


This method is very unique and requires time to implant changes. Here I’ll guide you through the procedure. Our professional surgeons at Aesthetic Clinic will guide the client properly.  First of all, anesthesia is very important to perform the treatment,  it will numb your particular area and this is how the patient will feel restful afterwards. After the anesthesia comes into work, the surgeon will make small openings and in these cuts, he will place the costs properly. During liposuction, the doctor will take out the extra fat and stitch it afterward when the muscles are positioned. This treatment is safe and secure and the clients can carry out their daily life chores when they get back.


These procedures give excellent results beyond your expectations. Here you will get to know why. The outcomes are for a lifetime. The outcomes of the treatment can be observed within a 5-6 month time span. If a proper healthy lifestyle is followed then the results can stay for a long time. This process is accepted by the FDA Standards and it is totally solid and secure. You should not be concerned about any complications after getting this treatment.

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According to our expert surgeons, the benefits of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia are amazing. Some of them are described below: 

  • It is a secure and effective method for a candidate. 
  • The healing duration is much less as compared to other physical surgeries. 
  • A person will feel confident in his appearance.
  • This procedure is pain-free.
  • The muscles and body cuts will be well-defined and sleek.
  • The results will be all-natural and secure for a lifetime.

Important instructions to acknowledge:

Our clinic tries its best to guide the patients in their safety measures. Give a brief reading of these instructions before undergoing the treatment.

  • A client should take proper medication as told by the specialist. 
  • A healthy diet should be followed to make the results stay.
  • A patient should avoid taking showers after 24 hours of treatment. 
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol before or after the process. 
  • You should abstain from going in saunas or direct sunlight. 
  • Do not engage yourself in hard exercise which causes sweating. 
  • A patient should visit his/her doctor in case of any discomfort

Who should avail of this offer?

An ideal candidate for Six Packs Abs Surgery In Riyadh & Saudi Arabia has the following conditions:

  • A person who wants to attain a model-like body.
  • People who love sleek and defined Abs.
  • A candidate who needs proper guidance for this treatment.

Cost of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh:

The Price of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia ranges from 7000 SAR up to 10000 SAR. However, the price may vary. This will be decided by the specialist. The price of the treatment depends upon the toughness of the procedure . Some major factors decide the cost of the treatment such as the type of treatment, the number of sessions required, the fee of anesthesia, and the experience of the specialist. The cost may vary from person to person. Contact us to get to know about the actual price and process. 


Yes, Six-pack abs surgery is considered safe and a low-risk cosmetic procedure. 

It takes upto two to three months to be able to move around.

The candidate should rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets of abdominal exercises.

Gently moving your muscles helps in healing faster.

Why prefer us?

If you are among those people who want perfect Abs just like models and a person who wants guidance for these procedures, then kindly visit us. Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh is offering Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh for you people. The Doctors available here are experts and have complete experience in their jobs. The staff is also very cooperative. You will be satisfied with the results. If you are interested in this procedure then book an appointment by filling out our clinic’s form.

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