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It is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve the appearance of the person by liposuction and removing the excess fat from the back of the neck and shoulders. It is professionally performed Buffalo Hump Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic . This fat slowly starts to accumulate over a period but now it causes irritation, pain, and disturbed appearance is disturbed which causes a lack of confidence in the person. Problems like these also cause physical discomfort and should be treated as quickly as possible in this treatment. The main aim is to provide contour and proper shape and posteriority to the neck and shoulders but consult with a qualified surgeon before having such kind of treatment.

Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time: one to two hours
  • Result time: 6 to 12 months
  • Side effects: bleeding, Bruising, and swelling.
  • Downtime: at least six weeks
  • Procedure types: 5 types are provided

What is the dorsocervical fat pad:

 This is a medically proposed cosmetic treatment done to remove the excess fat cells from the neck and shoulder area of the person to improve the appearance and aesthetics of the performer so they can easily carry any kind of fashion wear to look gorgeous. It is also performed to eliminate physical discomfort and pain while sitting for a long time or doing something with the focus for a long time. This kind of problem is associated with conditions like Cushing syndrome or any kind of long-term medical problems they can have from birth or due to any kind of injury.  But before having any of these treatments consult with a healthcare professional.

The course of action:

As it is a surgical treatment and is not the same for everyone according to the skin and the amount of person that needs to be solved varies from person to person this approach includes liposuction it might need more than one liposuction in this typically anesthesia is not used but I used it will be of general types when the surgery is lengthy and the problem has been spread a lot some incisions will be made on the neck and shoulder area to remove the excess amount of fat cells but consultation with a professional dermatologist is very important for choosing the best way of treatment for yourself.


Results are ever-lasting and natural looking. The pain and discomfort are removed from a person’s life and now he can wear any kind of fashion wear to look even better with his new and balanced look for aesthetic appearance. A person should also strictly follow aftercare tips to get optimum results.

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Post-operative measures:

  • Take a proper amount of rest to help the body recover fully and easily.
  • Have proper medicines as the doctor tells you to maintain pain and prevent infection.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to carry and are flexible during the initial time of recovery.
  • Avoid putting pressure on the treated area to avoid bleeding from it.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and intake of proper nutrients needed by the body.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to help your body in healing.
  • Do not perform harsh activities and excesses during the care-taking period.
  • Have all the appointments with the doctor so your wounds can be observed.


  • Confidence in person is increased and socially you feel more comfortable.
  • Body posture gets better and a person can wear clothes of better fitting.
  • Pain and irritation are removed from daily life, giving a piece to the mind and body.
  • Recovery does not take time in this procedure and is fast but the exact time is not given.
  • Now you can perform any kind of exercise easily and work for a long period.
  • Overall appearance is improved and the person looks attractive and confident.
  • It causes minimum scarring as it is a modern treatment and is better than traditional treatments.

Types of buffalo hump removals in Riyadh:

  • Liposuction:  by this the excess fat is removed from the area by using a device that sucks fat cells.
  • Excision: sometimes surgery is performed in which only fibrous cells are treated.
  • Lifestyle change: when the problem is not that serious some amendments in lifestyle can fix this problem.
  • Physical therapy: in this only exercises are performed to tighten and straighten the muscles to get them back to their original place.
  • Injectable Treatments: in this detoxifying acids are inserted in the treated area of the body to kill or eliminate fat cells.
  • Cool sculpting: in this treatment the area from which fats have to be removed is frozen and then that part is removed.

Cost of Buffalo Hump Removal in Riyadh:

The price of Buffalo Hump Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia starts from SAR 9000 which is a very reasonable cost as the results are ever-lasting and natural-looking always with the help of our professional and qualified dermatologists.

What makes us prominent:

Here the use of the most modern techniques is made possible for giving the best results to the patient and comfort during the treatment. Hygienic conditions are taken very seriously so the patient does not feel awkward in treatment; everyone is treated equally. We have been professionals in our field for a long period and have maintained our results due to our successful and result-giving surgeries.


It may take several months to strengthen your muscles.

No you cannot get rid of your buffalo hump without treatment.

No, the candidate will not feel any pain during the procedure as the area is numbed with local anaesthetic.

No, It is unlikely that the hump will recur.

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book an appointment with us by visiting our website on the internet: Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you talk with our dermatologists about realistic goals and expectations you have in mind about the treatment you are interested in having. Our surgeons will guide you with the best procedure you can have according to the problem you want to have to get your issue solved.

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