Ponytail Facelift Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Cost

Bid farewell to the saggy skin and welcome a youthful appearance. We are here to unveil the rain skin secret. Embark on a journey with us to get the redefined beauty. It is time to get rid of the wrinkles and spots skin. We are  Introducing you to the Ponytail Facelift Treatment in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia, which helps to tighten the skin. 

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 7999 SAR to 19999 SAR.
  • Results: long enduring 
  • Downtime: not required 
  • Back to Work: The next day 
  • Duration of Treatment: 40 to 50 minutes 
  • Type of Procedure: minimally invasive 
  • Hospital stay: one day
  • Shower: after 6 days
  • Sexual activity: after 4 days
  • Full recovery: after one month

Ponytail Facelift: 

It is classified as a cosmetic treatment that addresses saggy skin to tighten near the eye area. It helps to treat the wrinkles in the cheek area. This treatment is also known as a mini-facelift. It does not involve the incision. The main aim of this treatment is to provide the tightening of the neck and face  


The results of this procedure include the enhanced appearance of a person giving him a fresher younger better look. The results are impressive as compared to the traditional method. It acts as an anti-aging procedure , Moreover, the results can last for about 15 years. 


The benefits of this procedure are: 

  • Treats the shaggy skin 
  • Minimizes the wrinkles 
  • Gives a rejuvenation 
  • Tightens the skin 
  • Non-invasive 
  • Lower risks 
  • It requires less time 
  • Long-lasting results 

Perfect Candidate: 

The perfect candidate for this treatment are:

  • A person with realistic expectation 
  • Anyone having saggy skin 
  • A candidate who has wrinkles on their skin 
  • Candidate must not have a past medical history 

Pre-care Instructions: 

The instructions that are given by the doctor before the procedure are as follows: 

  • Do not drink alcohol 
  • Avoid performing exercises 
  • Take the medicine for healing 
  • Eat healthy food 
  • Wear comfortable cloths 
  • Remove makeup 
  • Wash your face thoroughly 

How is the Procedure done? 

The procedure can be done in the following steps: 

  1. Cleansing: at first, the doctor will clean the skin with the alcohol swamp 
  2. Anesthesia: the doctor will inject anesthesia 
  3. Marking: he will mark the targeted area and cut a small portion 
  4. Endoscopic: he will use the device known as endoscopic to pill the skin upwards 
  5. Stitches: the doctor will make stitches in the skin to close the incision area 
  6. Soothing hel: in the end, the doctor will apply the soothing gel to minimize the redness 

Post-care Instructions: 

The instructions that must be followed after the procedure are:

  • Do not go directly on a daytime 
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid sun damage
  • Do not wear makeup for sometime 
  • Reraim yourself from smoking 
  • Do not apply any other product on your face 
  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine 
  • Use the cold compressors on the swelling area 
  • Take the medicine if you are feeling the sensation of pain 
  • Avoid moving your neck for some days 


The recovery time for this treatment is not exact for everyone. It may vary from one individual to the other. Generally, it takes about 4-6 weeks to recovery fully. 

Cost of Ponytail Facelift Treatment 

The cost of this technique varies from 7999 SAR to 19999 SAR. this is a rough estimate, if you want to learn the exact cost then you must visit our best department in Riyadh. 

The cost can be affected by the experience of the doctor for instance, if the experience of the doctor is less then he may charge less penny. Other factors that may cause fluctuations in the cost include the complexity of the skin, clinical reputation, and location. 

Factors Impacting the Cost: 

The factors that can affect the cost are:

  • Geographical location 
  • Reputation 
  • Condition of the skin 
  • Area to be treated 

Best dermatologist for Ponytail Facelift Treatment 

Get the magic touch with our professional dermatologist. Who knows how to provide the transformation for flawless skin? Our doctors are dedicated to providing optimal results along with a lower risk of complications. For more information schedule an appointment with our doctor by calling us. We are always available for our patients. 


Yes, it can improve the skin texture 

Yes, it reduces the wrinkles 

yes, it is assumed a safe procedure 

Yes, the person should avoid intake of the blood thinner to get the best results. 

yes, it is necessary to quit smoking 

Yes, it also provides the elasticity]

The average cost of this treatment is between 7999 SAR to 19999 SAR.

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