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Do you wish to unlock the seamless path to a scar-free life? Embark on a journey with us to discover cutting-edge techniques for the removal of the scar. We offer a tailored plan to help you achieve the smooth skin along with the beauty. Let us provide a comprehensive guide on post surgical scars in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. 

Read below to reclaim your beauty now. 

Quick Facts

  • Cost: 1000 SAR to 10,000 SAR
  • Results: long-lasting 
  • Downtime: one day 
  • Back to Work: after two days 
  • Duration of Treatment:40 to 50 minutes 
  • Type of Procedure: surgical or non-surgical 


It is a seamless organ that looks like a tear piece in the skin. The surgery that causes scars is known as post-surgical scars. They appear due to the incision made during the surgery. Moreover, it can be treated with different options. 


The main causes of the scars are: 

  • Due to injury 
  • Due to surgery 
  • Aging factor 
  • Genetic
  • Type of the skin  

Types of scars: 

Below are the types of scars: 

  • Hypertrophic scars: thick scars along with the deposition of collagen, these types of scars can be itchy and painful. These scars occur due to injuries and burns 
  • Keloid scars: these types of scars occur in the enlarged 

Aim of post-surgical scar treatment: 

The main of this treatment is to: 

  • Minimes the scars: this can help minimize the size of the scar to achieve clearer and firmer skin, free of every kind of imperfection 
  • Prevents growth: scars can grow, and this treatment helps to stop the development of the scars and prevent abnormal growth for the perfect skin 


The results are not the same for every person, they may vary from one individual to another depending on many factors. You can see the change when the swelling goes away. The results may take one to two weeks. It provides long-lasting results. 

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The following are the benefits of the treatment: 

Perfect Candidate: 

The candidates who are perfect for this treatment are as follows: 

  • Candidates who have a realistic expectation 
  • People with severe scars 
  • A person who wants to reduce their scars due to surgery 

Options for treatment: 

There are two options to address the scars: 

  • Surgical treatment: 

It includes scar revision, fat transfer, skin grafting 

Fat transfer: 

It can be done by extracting the fat from one body part and inserting it in the targeted area to restore the lost volume and contour the body. It is useful in improving the scar tissue technique 

Scar revision: 

It is the process used to cut a scar. The doctor cuts deeply the layers and stitches them back which in result minimizes the appearance of the scars 

  • Non-surgical option:

Below are the nonsurgical options : 


In this technique, the doctor uses a machine to exfoliate the skin deeply to reduce the scars 

Laser resurfacing: 

This technique is used to address the pink or red scars and minimize the scars and redness by boosting the production of collagen and elastin. The doctor recommends one to multiple sessions depending on the scar type or nature. The procedure includes the laser beam directly on the scar area to reduce it.


It includes the following products to help get rid of the scars: 

  • Vitamin E is effective in reducing scars 
  • Topical retinoids 
  • Topical antibiotic 
  • Mederma 
  • Silicone sheet 

Post-care Instructions:

The instructions are as follows: 

  • Avoid going out during the daytime 
  • Apply sunscreen when going out 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Avoid intake of medicines such as blood thinners 
  • Wear loose clothes 

Cost of post-surgical scars: 

The cost of the treatment is not fixed. On average it varies from 1000 SAR to 10000 SAR depending on the condition of the scar, the type of the scar, the expertise of the surgeon, and the clinic location. If you are interested in knowing the accurate cost, then book us. 

Why an aesthetic clinic? 

Are you looking for a doctor who is an expert in reducing the scars? You have come to the right place we have a team of highly experienced surgeons, who are dedicated to giving the desired results. So, hurry up and schedule an appointment with us. We are looking forward to assisting you in getting the suitable technique along with the safety. 


Yes, it stimulates the production of the collagen 

The cost varies between 1000 SAR to 9000 SAR 

Yes, it is necessary to keep the targeted area hydrated 

It takes about two to three weeks to make the scar go away

You can take a hot shower after 48 hours of the surgery 

No, one should avoid using the tight cloth 

Yes, it helps to restore the confidence 

Transform scars into stories of resilience in Riyadh

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