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This surgery is performed to give the best ideal look to the nose of a person by adjusting the cartilage area of the nose without touching the nasal bone in the nose which plays a critical role in the formation of the nose. By this surgery deviations and deformations in the basal bone can also be fixed very precisely, enlarged and irregular front cartilages can be fixed and the overall appearance of a person is improved. It is also known as Rhinoplasty. These types of procedures are sought by individuals looking for an ideal nose.

Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time: about 45 minutes
  • Results Time: about one year is taken
  • Downtime: 1 to 2 weeks 
  • Side effects: Bleeding, infection, and septal perforation
  • Procedure types: open and closed nose tip plasty.

What is Nasoplasty?

It is a part of Rhinoplasty because these amendments are only made on the tip of the nose. These surgeries are seeked and done by people who have had their nose tip damaged due to any kind of accident from birth. The upper part is the bone but the lower part is the cartilage. Before having such kind of treatments consult with a qualified and professional dermatologist who will help you choose the best method for solving the problem a person is facing. This will reshape or reconstruct the shape of the nose by altering its size, shape, or the portion of the nose that is going to be enhanced.


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The course of action:

In nose tip plasty incisions are made on the tip of the nose this procedure takes up to 45 minutes maximum at the beginning of the procedure local anesthesia is used. Then during the start, small incisions are made between the nostrils of a person which have a resemblance with rhinoplasty. Then the elevation of skin on top of the tip of the nose stops. Cartilage is amended by a little trimming and cutting nostrils are made more narrow by this procedure thick skin is removed and nse is given a more defined and aesthetic look. Results will properly appear in about one year so the patient has to be patient and follow the appointments with the dermatologist to observe any unusual changes. After the procedure your confidence will be enhanced and the person will look more aesthetic, the nose will look more defined and properly shaped.


As the nose is one of the most prominent parts of the face compared with the actual rhinoplasty it is much easier and comfortable for the patient results are long-lasting and natural looking. Recovery time is less than any other traditional method. A more defined look is provided to the nose and it will look more aesthetic in a short period.

Post-operative measures:

  1. Follow the aftercare instructions for getting the optimal results of the treatment.
  2. Keep your straight while sleeping to reduce swelling on the tip of the nose.
  3. Apply a cold compress on the basal body to minimize swelling and getting marks.
  4. For managing pain regularly take painkillers on the time.
  5. Do not perform activities that can apply pressure on your nose during the initial days.
  6. Keep your body hydrated which aids in the healing process of the person.
  7. Gently clean the area with warm water and a soft towel.
  8. Avoid direct sun exposure with the sun and use sunscreen while going outdoors.


  1. The looks of a person are enhanced and the individual looks more aesthetic.
  2. Confidence of a person is increased and overall look is improved.
  3. Procedure allows to customize the procedure according to the need of the patient.
  4. As it is an advanced technique it leaves minimum scars and is less invasive.
  5. Outcomes are natural-looking and are far better than the expectations of the person.
  6. Risks of failure are minimal as cuts are made inside the nose.
  7. Results are ever-lasting and are natural-looking.
  8. Downtime is minimal as it is a modern process and is better than traditional techniques.

Options for Nosoplasty:

  • Tip reduction: the size of the tip is reduced by cutting the extra fat on the nose of the individual
  • Tip Refinement: enhancing the definition, shape, and looks of the nose of the person
  • Columellar Strut: Grafts are added to the tip of the nose as a support.
  • Alar Base Reduction: The width of the nostrils is made narrower for better looks
  • Tip grafting: Grafts of the cartilage are reduced to provide a more defined nose.


 The cost of Nose Tip Plasty in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh is from SAR 18,000–30,000 it is a reasonable price as advanced techniques are used by professional and experienced dermatologists. Our results satisfy the price paid to us.

What makes us better:

You can choose us we are professionals in our and have performed many successful surgeries performed. Hygienic conditions of each individual are taken very seriously and everyone is given equality we use advanced techniques with the help of well-qualified and professional dermatologists. Our well-qualified surgeons will help you choose the best method for the problem you are facing by knowing about the type of skin a person has and the results are natural-looking and ever-lasting.

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book an appointment with us by visiting our website on the internet which is Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you can discuss your realistic expectations and goals about the treatment a person wants to have to fix the problem an individual is facing.


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