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Are you Looking for a face rejuvenation solution? Reinvent your skin with the modern technique of the APTOS threads in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Say goodbye to the stretched skin and welcome a raised skin. 

Get the advantages of this treatment by reaching out to us. Discover the secrets to a younger skin. This process will rejuvenate the complexion with no downtime. 

Read below to get all information. 

Quick Facts

  • Cost: 7999 SAR to 28,999 SAR
  • Results: Temporary
  • Downtime: none 
  • Back to Work: one day after the process
  • Duration of Treatment: half an hour 
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive 


It is a non-surgical procedure done for cosmetic reasons to tighten the saggy skin on the neck or face area. This process is also known as the PDO thread. The doctor makes small incisions to dissolve the threads. These threads are made up of polydioxanone (PDO). the doctor directly infuses the substance under the skin. 

They are helpful in re-aligning the skin, results in a more younger appearance. 

Moreover, this enhances the overall look of a person, eliminates the stretched formation of the skin, and enhances the stimulation of the collagen. 


It is considered as a convenient and quick way to raise their skin in just 30 minutes. The results are not permanent, but they can last for a long time like two to three years. You can see the soft and satisfied skin in the results. They can last for a longer time if the candidate follows all the instructions given by the doctor. 


The benefits of the process are as follows: 

  • The process is quick 
  • Convenient process 
  • Enhances the collagen production 
  • No downtime required 
  • Provides longer results 
  • Raises the skin 
  • Eliminates the stretch formation from the old people’s skin 
  • Boosts the confidence 

Perfect Candidate: 

The candidates who are perfect for this process are: 

  •  A person who wants a natural lift 
  • People who wish to enhance their collagen production 
  • Candidate who wants to get the quick way 
  • People who require long-lasting results 

How is the Procedure done? 

The procedure can be done in the given steps: 

  1. Preparation: the doctor will prepare the skin by cleaning it with the alcohol swamp. This step is necessary to ensure the lower risks of the bacteria
  2. Anesthesia: at first, the doctor will administer the anesthesia to ensure comfort during the process 
  3. Infusion: at the second, the doctor will infuse the solution under the skin by using a tinny needle. 
  4. Results: The results are quick and can be seen after some hours. 
  5. Time duration: the duration of the treatment can vary between half an hour to an hour. 

It is recommended to get the procedure from an expert dermatologist to get the desired results. For more information about the procedure, visit us once.

Aftercare tips: 

The tips are given below: 

  • Take a rest for some time 
  • Clean your skin gently 
  • Wash your face with the given face wash 
  • Do not apply chemical products on the face for some time 
  • Protect the skin from exposure to the sun 
  • Wear a helmet when going out 
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid skin damage 
  • Do not drink alcohol 
  • Refrain from smoking 


The recovery time is minimal. The patient can recover more rapidly than the other surgical options. Mostly, the candidate can continue their routine in just one to two days after the treatment. 

Cost of APTOS Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia: 

The cost of the treatment can vary from 7999 SAR to 28,999 SAR depending on external factors such as the location, the experience of the doctor, the number of sessions required, and the complexity of the patient. 

You can get the exact cost instantly by coming to us. our dermatologists are experts in analyzing the actual cost by checking the condition of the candidate 

Factors Impacting the Cost: 

The factors that cause changes in the cost are: 

  • Reputation of the clinic 
  • Number of the sessions 
  • Complexity 
  • Location 
  • Expertise 

Choose us for APTOS threads in Riyadh.

Meet our professional dermatologist to get the APTOS threads in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Our doctors are professional and highly experienced for more than 5 years. They have cutting-edge techniques to raise the skin. They are expert in leaving the saggy skin of a candidate behind. For more information, schedule your first appointment with us. 


The rest time is optional. You should continue your routine right after the process as the process is non-invasive 

Yes, they help to enhance the production of the collagen 

Yes, it is a good anti-aging solution for people who want the non-invasive process 

The average cost of the treatment can vary from 7999 SAR to 28KSAR 

As the doctor injects the anesthesia, the procedure does not hurt the person 

It will take about half an hour to complete the process 

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