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Many skin issues can cause difficulties in your daily life. Mostly it happens when the age grows. These problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, etc. become more exposed and affect the overall appearance and look. If you are also facing such problems and you want to get rid of all these but you are worried that the surgery is dangerous and you don’t want to undergo surgery. Now you can stop worrying as we provide you with the best procedure for Plasma Pen Treatment Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. It is a non-cosmetic procedure so you can relax as there are minimal risks. It is an FDA-approved handheld device that will help you get the skin you want. It will allow your body to stimulate collagen production that will cause your skin to be bright and more tight and you will get rid of the saggy skin and wrinkles. If you want to learn more about the process you can read the given information.

Fast facts:

  • Procedure Time: About a half hour.
  • Procedure Type: Non-surgical.
  • Downtime: Minimal.
  • Results: A few weeks.

What is plasma pen treatment?

It is a new and latest method that uses the latest technology to help you get the skin that you desire without getting you into surgery. As we know plasma is the fourth state of matter and there are many things we don’t know about it. But surely we know that it has shown miraculous results in the medical field. Similarly this plasma pen works by causing our skin to produce more collagen that helps in refreshing our skin. Also, this helps our saggy skin to be tightened and wrinkles can be removed. It is a safe and secure method. Also, it is not as expensive as other surgical options.


Many aims can be different but the main goals of the treatment are:

  • To get a skin that is free from wrinkles and fine lines. A finer and brighter skin.
  • To undergo a process that is not a surgical process to minimize the risks.
  • To get a more young look by getting your skin the finer look that you desire.
  • To enhance your overall look by gaining a youthful look without making much effort.


The results of the process can be different depending on your age and the care you take of yourself after the process. The main result will be that you will get finer skin that will be brighter and you will get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines. Your confidence will be boosted as you will get the skin you want and your overall looks will be enhanced. You may face redness or swelling in the treated area but it will be solved in a few days or if it is serious go to the doctor. Although the results will last for a long period you don’t have to worry for a long time.

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There are some steps that you must follow before undergoing the process to get the best results. These steps are:

  • Consult with a doctor and discuss the treatment. Discuss all necessary details.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic substance and also don’t smoke tobacco at least 24 hours before the surgery to avoid any difficulties during the process.
  • Avoid applying any creams or ointments on the area that is going to be treated.
  • Also, avoid taking any medications that may cause blood thinness and thickness.


The process of this treatment is simple and safe. Firstly all tools and setup will be prepared. You will be asked to lie down so the treatment can be started. Then the doctor will use the plasma pen that contains plasma in it. It is a handheld device that the doctor will use very carefully. The pen will cause your skin to treat fibroblast by producing high microcurrent. This will cause your skin to stimulate collagen production which will cause your skin to be bright and wrinkle will be reduced.


There are some steps that your doctor will provide you to follow to get the best results:

  • Try to give yourself a little time to recover and do not try to be fast with recovery.
  • Do not take part in any hard exercise and activities that may cause excessive sweating.
  • Apply ice cubes or other cold material to the treated skin as it may help in recovery.

Ideal Candidate:

Anyone is a perfect candidate to undergo the process who:

  • Who is facing the problem of saggy skin or wrinkles and fine lines?
  • Who is in overall good health and is not facing any current medical issues.
  • Someone willing to follow the pre and after-sessions of the process.
  • Who knows the basics of the treatment and is willing to take the process.
  • A person who is determined and is willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


The cost of the treatment Plasma Pen Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia may depend on some factors such as the experience of the doctor. The location of the clinic. No of sessions.

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