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It is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve the appearance of the person and it removes the scars from the face of the person if there are any because of any previous surgery that has been performed for any reason. There are many ways to get this treatment done like a laser, extension, or any kind of rearrangement of tissues people who get this treatment have the main goal of improving their appearance and achieving a more aesthetic look than before to get proper jawline and definition of the body results are natural-looking and ever-lasting if proper lifestyle has been followed the patient. This Facial Scar Revision in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is professionally performed at Aesthetic Clinic by the best qualified and experienced surgeons.

Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Results time: about 1 year
  • Side effects: redness, swelling and infection
  • Downtime: no proper time limit is given
  • Procedure types: There are many treatment 

What is Facial Scar Revision:

It is a surgically performed cosmetic procedure to improve the looks and appearance of the person to get more confident and socially comfortable by removing hesitation about your looks. Through this treatment, the texture, color, and size of the scars that are present due to any reason will be improved at all angles; sometimes it may take only one session, and sometimes more sessions. Rearrangement of tissues is made possible with the help of laser, excision, or any other kind of non-surgical approach. Anesthesia is not used in the facial areas of the person but before having any kind of these treatments always consult with the dermatologist for any kind of way of solving the problem you are facing according to your overall health and medical history.

The course of action:

First of all, before having any kind of treatment consult with a qualified and professional surgeon to get the best way of treatment after the doctor observes the medical history and overall health of the person with reports. The patient is told to have a proper diet and some lifestyle changes so when the patient comes to the clinic a proper session starts and incisions are made on the face of the person to heal the scars that are present due to any kind of injury or it is from birth. Defective tissues are removed and healthy tissues replace them during the healing period after the closure of the incisions patient is given some instructions to follow for the diet, clothes that he wears in this period, and the activities which he will be unable to perform and some later appointments are arranged with the dermatologist for getting the results to be observed. 


This treatment aims to improve the skin texture and smoothness of the skin. Results also vary from person to person as everyone has different types of skin and healing abilities which contribute to the healing of scars or any other treatment. Sometimes to remove the scars from a person plastic surgery is also performed by the surgeon. It only happens when the scars are deep and dark due to any injury or from the birth.

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Aftercare measurements:

  • Clean the scar with mild soap and water and restrain from using harsh chemicals.
  • Moisturize the area that has been treated to prevent irritation or bleeding.
  • Protect the skin from sunlight by using sunblock or wearing a hat.
  • Avoid touching or scratching the area that has undergone the treatment.
  • Have a proper healthy diet that will help you have an optimum level of healing.
  • A person should be patient as the results might take some time to appear properly. 
  • From time to time massage of the treated area should be done to relax the tissues.
  • If you notice any kind of unusual signs in that area consult with the doctor about it.


  • The overall look of the person will be enhanced by minimizing the visibility of scars.
  •  Discomfort, irritation, and restricted movements will be resolved after such treatment.
  • There will be a boost in the confidence of the person.
  • Results will appear quickly as it is a modern technique for minimizing scars.
  • If the person gets the treatment on time the results will be shockingly impressive.
  • Balance looks and symmetry of the facial expressions will be improved.
  • Emotionally the person will be more stable after the treatment and there will be a boost in his self-esteem.

Options for facial scar revision:

  • Laser therapy:  laser is used to decolorize the scars and improve skin texture.
  • Steroid Injection: it will reduce the inflammation or any kind of scar removal.
  • Surgical excision: defective tissues will be removed and wounds will heal with time.
  • Fillers: these scars are primarily raised to the level of the skin of the face.


The cost of Facial Scar Revision in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia varies from SAR 1500 to SAR 2600 which is a very reasonable cost according to the results provided by us with the results of our qualified dermatologists.

What makes us prominent:

Here we use the most advanced techniques to provide the best results to everyone. Hygienic conditions are taken very seriously for the comfort of everyone and every person is treated equally by our staff. Our highly qualified and experienced surgeons have maintained our standards with their work.


It will take six to 18 months for the scar to have its final appearance. 

Scar revision does not erase a scar but it helps to make it less noticeable.

Yes, the surgery is safe but the decision to have scar revision surgery is extremely personal.

The scar revision is a cosmetic treatment.

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book an appointment with us by visiting our website on the internet which is Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you can talk with our well-qualified and professional dermatologists about realistic expectations and your goals for the treatment.

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