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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 7000 SAR – 8000 SAR
  • Results: long-lasting
  • Downtime: 1-4 weeks
  • Back to Work: 2 weeks
  • Duration of Treatment: 2-3 hours
  • Type of Procedure: Invasive

Treatment of Hairfall:

The treatment is needed when the hair cycle stops. Every day it is normal to lose 100 hair strands because of the hair cycle new hairs grow and take the place of the fallen hair strands. 

The increment in the fallen strands can lead to hair loss in which the cycle does not continue and hair strands stop growing back. There are multiple types of hair loss:

  • Androgenic Alopecia.
  • Alopecia Areata.
  • Anagen Effluvium.
  • Telogen Effluvium.

Results after Hair fall treatment:

The result after the treatment depends on the patient’s condition and the cause of the hair loss as well as the type or procedure used for the treatment. It provides natural and long-lasting results. For complex situations, the results may take more time. It is essential to consult with a surgeon as people can benefit from different types of procedures and the consultant will help in determining the method for the treatment. The treatment will stimulate hair growth and produce new hairs. The treatment may require multiple sessions for better results.

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The advantages of treatment are as follows:

  • Stimulates the growth of healthier hair.
  • Gives a better appearance of the hair.
  • Provides longevity and effective solutions.
  • Enhances the health of the patient’s scalp.
  • The patient can personalize hairs accordingly.
  • Increases self-confidence of the individual.

Perfect Candidate: 

  • The candidate who has experienced an early stage hair loss.
  • Has good mental and physical health.
  • Has realistic expectations after the treatment.
  • The candidate is committed to the treatment.
  • Has sufficient hairs in the donor area, back of your scalp.
  • The candidate understands the risks associated with the surgery.

Pre-care Instructions: 

  • Consult with a professional doctor.
  • Get ready for the treatment recovery phase.
  • Do not take painkillers and blood thinners medications.
  • Maintain a good healthy diet.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Drink enormous amounts of water.
  • Follow the list of instructions given by your surgeon.

How is the Procedure of Hairfall done?

The doctor will examine the cause of your hair fall and help stop hair loss by:

Using Medications: The doctor will try to prevent the hair loss by using OTC (over-the-counter) medicines for thin hair. If you are suffering from a baldness pattern then the doctor will give you the medicine for baldness.

Hair Transplant: The surgeon will carefully remove hair follicles from the back of the patient’s scalp so the hair there is denser. The surgeon will then prepare these strands with proper care using an instrument. Then he implants the grafts of hair all over the scalp.

PRP: By using a PRP treatment, the doctor will draw a small amount of blood from the patient, and the extracted blood is circulated until the natural plasma present in the blood is obtained and it is separated from other cells such as white blood cells and red blood cells. Then the plasma injected into the scalp promotes hair growth and stops hair loss.

Post-care Instructions:

The instructions are carefully to be followed:

  • Do not expose your scalp to the sun.
  • Handle your hair with extreme care and avoid frequent hair brushing.
  • Do not apply a hot hair dryer that can stop hair growth.
  • Do not apply hairstyling products such as gel etc.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Take medications on time as prescribed by the surgeon
  • Follow guidance from the doctor.


The patients can recover within 1-4 weeks during the initial recovery after an implant depending on the individual’s strength. You will feel pain in the donor area that will go away when on take medications prescribed by the surgeon. You will see your hair grow and the complete recovery can take 6-9 months after the treatment.

Cost of Hairloss in Riyadh:

Depending on the type of treatment the cost of a hair fall treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is 7000 SAR- 8000 SAR.  It depends on the customizations made by the patient and the number of sessions required for the treatment.

Factors Impacting the Cost:

  • Condition of the patient.
  • Area of treatment.
  • Clinic reputation


The cost is 7000 SAR to 8000 SAR.

Take a shower after one week

The results are visible after two weeks of the treatment 

Yes, some side effects are temporary 

You can start exercising after 4 to 5 days 

no, the candidate cannot drink alcohol as it can affect the results 

Yes, it helps to treat alopecia 

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