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Burn Reconstructive Surgery is a non-surgical process and an advanced branch of plastic surgery that enhances a person’s facial appearance by removing burn marks from his face and reducing scars caused by any kind of injury. It is professionally performed at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh. It is a multipurpose process that restores your skin and also improves the skin aesthetics of a person. There is a boost in the confidence and self-esteem of a person. The main goal of such a procedure is to give confidence and provide better looks to a person. But before having such a procedure always consult with a qualified and professional dermatologist and in this treatment general anesthesia is used by the surgeon. After this, the overall appearance of a person is also improved.

Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time: within a day it is completed
  • Result time: a year or more
  • Side effects: swelling, itching and bleeding
  • Downtime: one or two weeks
  • Procedure types: it has about 7 ways of treatment

What is burn reconstructive surgery:

It is a cosmetic treatment performed to improve the aesthetics of a person and enhance confidence. It is known as an advanced version of plastic surgery in which instead of treating the whole face only someplace is treated that is needed. In this place, many micro and macro surgeries are performed to reposition the tissues that have been affected by the burning process. One of the main goals of this is to reduce scarring and marks off the person’s face; it is also known as a restoration process. The restoration is in both the physical and the emotional conditions. This process requires process planning, medical history, and the overall health of the person’s skin by the surgeon. It has fewer potential risks as compared to traditional treatments.

The course of action:

At the start they have a proper consultation with a qualified and professional surgeon. Then he will check the depth and darkness of the marks on the face after that some measures will be told to you to get prepared for the treatment and be in optimum condition. For the comfort of the person local anesthesia is used and the amount of anesthesia depends on the type of surgery that is going to be performed when the procedure is completed the person should take care of the wounds by cleaning them daily with warm water and restrain from using harsh chemically composed products the area from which defective skin is removed is then given new skin which is grafted from the person’s skin. The incisions when closed are told by the doctor to be cared for properly and after the procedure follow the post-operative measures for optimum results.

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The overall appearance and function of the treated area are improved by this non-surgical treatment. The appearance of scars will be reduced, there will be a boost in the confidence of the person and he will feel more comfortable while socializing with anyone at any point. Results can also vary from person to person according to their skin health.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Post-operative measurements:

  • First of all, follow all the instructions given by the doctor to have the best results.
  • Then keep your wounds clean with water and a soft cloth and avoid harsh chemicals.
  •  Wear comfortable clothes that do not cause any type of irritation or infection.
  • For managing pain and reducing the risks of infection use proper medicines timely.
  • Keep your body hydrated and have food with proper nutrition in it for your body.
  • Do not perform heavy activities so you can heal properly and better.
  • Be patient and motivated to have further better results after another session is needed.
  • Do not directly expose the treated area to sunlight and use sunscreen while going outside.


  • The functionality of the muscles and tissues is obtained which improves their mobility.
  • Scars become less prominent than they were before the treatment.
  • Pain in the burnt area will be reduced which will also reduce discomfort and irritation.
  • Joints of the treated area will function even better than before for comfortable motion.
  • Confidence in a person increases with time after this treatment and boosts self-esteem.
  • The looks of the person will also be improved by this and overall he will appear better.
  • Changes in the treatment can be made according to the requirements of the patient.
  • The healing process is quicker as compared to the traditional process.

Types of burn reconstructive surgery:

  • Skin Grafting: in this healthy skin part is applied to the area which is treated.
  • Z-plasty: this appearance of the scars is reduced by reconstructing tissues.
  • Laser Surgery: a laser beam is used to improve skin texture and aesthetics.
  • Dermabrasion: damaged skin is removed and is replaced by healthy skin.
  • Release procedure: scars are corrected by tightening the skin and arranging tissues

Cost of Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Riyadh:

The cost of Burn Reconstructive Surgery at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh is from SAR 2,000 to SAR 45,000 which is very reasonable according to the results provided by us due to our well-qualified and professional dermatologists.

What makes us prominent:

Here modern technology is used by doctors to provide the optimum results. Hygienic conditions are taken very seriously to make everyone comfortable and the record of successful surgeries has been maintained by us. Results are ever-lasting and natural-looking; they also greatly satisfy the price paid to us.


Autograft procedure is done by harvesting the healthy skin and is used as a standard of care during surgery.

Yes, skin grafts are used to treat severe burns.

It depends as superficial burns recover within two weeks and cause minimal scarring.

Burn wounds are called tangential excision, fascial excision or amputation.

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book an appointment with us by visiting our website on the internet Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you can talk with us about your goals and realistic expectations about the treatment you want to have. Our surgeons will provide you with the best advice according to your medical history

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