Ear Piercing in Riyadh

Ear piercing is very common. People of all ages get their ears pierced. Some do it to look stylish, while others do it because of their culture and traditions. Usually, the first piercing for most people is in their ears. If you haven’t gotten your ears pierced yet but want to, you should consider Ear Piercing in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Our doctors at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh can pierce your ears in a painless and safe way. You can find out the affordable prices in Riyadh by reading below.

What is Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is a procedure where holes are created in the ears to wear jewelry. There are two main methods to do this: using a gun or a needle. In the past, needles were predominantly used, but nowadays, guns are more commonly employed.

Here’s how the process works: your doctor will mark the spot on your ear to make sure the piercing is done in the right place. After cleaning the area, the piercer will either use a gun or a needle to make the hole. Piercing with a gun is a one-shot process. Once the piercing is completed, the area is cleaned once more for proper care.

Who is an Ideal Candidate

  • Age: typically 6 months or older to get their earlobes pierced., Age requirement for cartilage piercings is 12 or older.
  • Health: generally in good health and free from serious illnesses., If you’re unsure, speak with a healthcare practitioner.
  • Commitment: willing to adhere to post-treatment guidelines for optimum recovery.is serious about the duty of maintaining the piercing.
  • Individual Style: wants to demonstrate their own style and personality., like donning a variety of earrings.

How Do We Perform Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is a form of body modification that has maintained its popularity through many eras and continues to be fashionable today. Well-chosen and beautiful earrings can undoubtedly enhance a person’s appearance, and men are also increasingly embracing this form of jewelry to elevate their style.

Our approach to ear piercing involves the use of specialized medical devices or ear-piercing guns. These tools ensure accurate, quick, and safe ear piercing. We use sterile needle earrings made from medical-grade steel, which allows for a fast and precise piercing process. This method is especially suitable for young children who may be apprehensive about sharp objects or piercings. However, it is advisable to wait until later, typically after the age of 8, when the ear’s cartilage base has fully developed, before getting ears pierced.

It’s crucial to have this procedure performed in a specialist medical facility to guarantee the sterility of equipment and the qualifications of the medical practitioner, ensuring a safe and reliable experience.

Types of Ear Piercing:

Various locations on the ear can be pierced using a needle. The choice of needle and jewelry depends on the specific area of the ear being pierced.

  • Earlobe Piercing: This involves piercing the soft lower part of the ear. A medium-sized needle is typically paired with a labret adorned with a ball, a dazzling crystal, opal, or a natural stone.
  • Industrial Piercing: In this style, two holes are pierced in the upper cartilage helix using a 14-gauge needle, and they are connected by a straight barbell.
  • Tragus Piercing: Each tragus piercing is unique and can be done with a small or medium-sized straight or curved needle, often featuring a small labret earring.
  • Anti Tragus Piercing: Similar to tragus piercing, the antitragus uses the same needle and jewelry, typically a tiny barbell.


This procedure offers remarkable advantages, and in addition to enhancing one’s appearance for cosmetic reasons, ear piercing also provides the following benefits:

  • Balancing Body Resistance: The central ear region influences the body’s immunity, assisting in managing issues like irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Reproductive Health Enhancement: Specific points on the ear’s curves play a vital role in maintaining a person’s reproductive well-being. Piercings in these precise areas can promote reproductive health.
  • Appetite and Digestion Support: Ear piercings stimulate appetite and contribute to maintaining robust digestive health.
  • Cognitive Well-being: Piercings in ear curve meridian points link the brain’s hemispheres, potentially activating specific regions of the brain for enhanced mental health.
  • Visual Clarity: According to acupuncture principles, pressure points on the ears can improve vision, directly benefiting eye health.
  • Memory Enhancement: Ear piercing is believed to boost memory function.

These health benefits, in conjunction with the cosmetic appeal of ear piercings, make it a popular choice for many individuals.

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Cost of Ear Piercing in Riyadh:

According to the Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh, the price will vary depending on the places in the ear to be pierced, and other components will affect the cost as well. The actual cost is determined in the initial consultation with the expert. Factor Affecting Cost:

Factors that may affect the cost are:

  • The technology used.
  • Clinic website.
  • Location of the piercing in the ear.
  • Anesthesia required.
  • The expert who performs the operation.

Why choose us?

Get your Ear Piercing in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. In the blink of an eye, which means minimal pain will be noticed just like a pinch. We have dermatologists who are experts in performing the task using needles as well as piercing guns in our Clinic. Do you have a desire to wear trendy earrings? Come and visit our Aesthetic Clinic, we are here to provide you with the optimal result as you desire!


Ear piercings that tend to heal rapidly are those performed on the ear lobes. These piercings exhibit the quickest healing time due to the softness of the tissue and the fewer nerves in this area.

Following the procedure, it's recommended for the patient to sleep on their back, as this can help minimize discomfort. It's advisable to keep the earrings in place for a few weeks, and it's safe to sleep with them on during this period.

While some individuals may experience minor pain during the procedure, it's typically tolerable. Most people describe the sensation as a brief pinch that lasts for only a second.

The Cost of Ear piercing in Riyadh range from 150 SAR to 999 SAR. Several factors contribute to the varying prices of the procedure.

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