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Nowadays research is made to try a better way to transform dead gone hair. Many types of procedures are there for this problem including cosmetic and medical processes. Aging causes dullness in the skin as well as hair. Not only men but also women are losing hair in their early 40s. The hair can be restored, no need to think and waste your time. Our Aesthetic Clinic is giving the best procedure; Hair Transplant in Jeddah for their patients.

Quick Facts:

  • Duration of treatment: 1-2 hours
  • Results: lasts up to years
  • Cost: 5999 SAR to 25,999 SAR
  • Side effects: no
  • Type: cosmetic or surgical
  • Downtime: no

What is a Hair Transplant?

In hair transplant, cosmetic procedures as well as surgical treatments are used to restore the patient’s hair. You can get your natural hair back. In this procedure, Surgical sewing is made for transplantation. The doctors remove some hair follicles from the healthy part of the head where more hair is present. Various techniques are used to do these surgeries in which some part of the skin is taken from the back of the head and is grafted into a bald area. This transplant lasts very long if taken well. care. After approximately 90 to 100 days new hair starts to grow at the treated site. Our clinic offers the most reasonable rates for Hair Transplants.

Types of Procedure:

Two types of hair transplants are used to transform hair. 

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): 

In FUE Hair Transplant the doctor takes some follicles from the healthy side of the body or head to transform them into the thinning hair-line or particular treated area. There are two types of FUE Hair Transplant


This procedure is done by using a device to extract the follicles to transfer them.


In this procedure, a robotic hair transplant device is used. The specialist decides the amount of follicles to harvest into the desired area. This process is completed by an ARTAS robot.

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): 

In this procedure, a thin piece of skin and hair is removed from the back of the bed. Then it is divided into pieces. The physician takes 4 hairs to graft into the particular area. Then these grafts are placed into the area by making small cuts. After the whole process, the area is closed by stitches.


There are excellent outcomes beyond your expectations of Hair Transplant in Jeddah. Here you will get to know some of them. This procedure is accepted by the FDA Standards and it is totally good for patients facing thinning hair or baldness. You should not be concerned about any complications after getting this treatment. The overall transformation is very visible.

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The results of Hair Transplant in Jeddah include:

  • The patient getting this process can enjoy the long-lasting effects of this treatment.
  • After getting such types of procedures, the risks of preventive measures are reduced.
  • The recovery time is much less.
  • After getting a transplant,  the candidates get natural restoration of their hair.

Ideal Candidate:

Any person can get this treatment as no gender matters. It can be a girl or a boy. Before getting into the process you should make sure that:

  • If an individual is facing baldness.
  • People having high donor density are good for transplantation.
  • Thinning hair-line 
  • Women or men have limited hair loss.
  • People under the age of 60 can get this procedure.

Pre-care Instructions:

A candidate should take pre-care instructions before getting the treatment. Some are as described below:

  • Before getting into the procedure, make sure that you are going to a professional surgeon.
  •  Abstain from taking heavy medication and antibiotics.

Aftercare Instructions:

After the treatment, some of the instructions must be followed:

  • After getting the procedure, avoid lifting any heavy objects as they can cause issues in the healing process.
  • Wash your hands before doing anything. 
  • Abstain from doing workouts or exercises for 4 days.
  • The candidate should follow the doctor’s prescription.


Hair Transplant in Jeddah doesn’t cause any side effects after the procedure. You can carry your daily routine to work or go to school. Some type of burning sensation can be felt but it gets away in a few hours. Avoid washing your hair for three days after the treatment.

Cost of  Hair Transplant in Jeddah:

The Hair Transplant in Jeddah is being used in the Aesthetic Clinic to help everyone with hair problems. The estimated cost of hair transplant is 5999 SAR to 25,999 SAR depending upon many factors.

Factors impacting the cost:

The cost of this process depends upon many factors such as,

  • The toughness of the transplantation procedure.
  • Type of the preferred method.
  • Total number of sessions required for improvement.
  • Fee of the specialist for a procedure 
  • Experience of the specialist  


The transplanted hairs begin to look natural  with time and will continue to grow for a lifetime.

For a second hair transplant, the candidate must wait at least 12 months in between procedures from the first hair transplant.

Avoid aerated drinks, soda, processed juice, baked goods and other foods that contain lots of sugar

A hair transplant is performed under anesthesia  which will help not feel any pain. 

Best Plastic Surgeon for Hair Transplant in Jeddah:

This procedure has various benefits including restoration of hair to totally natural hair. The candidate can enjoy their customized response. Stop waiting and get our Hair Transplant in Jeddah. Our Aesthetic Clinic is offering transplantation at perfectly reasonable rates. Our specialized surgeons will give you a better transformation for a whole lifetime. For further details, you can contact us by filling in the form.

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