Front Line Hair Fixing in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Hair Loss

In these times, hair loss is the most major problem faced by people these days. Different types of treatments are also available that can save the hair from further harm. The results of the treatment vary from person to person. But these procedures can not be useful to every other candidate. However, we should be concerned about our hair. So in this case, investing in your hair is the best option. For your help, we are providing Front Line Hair Fixing in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. This is the best option in case of unhealthy weak front hair or bald areas. The qualified doctors working with us at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh give perfect out-turns. 

Quick Facts: 

  • Type of procedure: non-invasive 
  • Duration of treatment: 50-90 minutes
  • Side effects: a little swelling 
  • Results: Permanent 
  • Downtime: Minimal 
  • Cost: 6,950 SAR to 18,950 SAR

What is Front Line Hair Fixing?

Front-line hair fixing is the best solution for those people who have bald or thin hair on the front hairline. For the perfect outcomes, Front Line Hair Fixing Treatment is used; that can be surgical or non-invasive. Dermatologists have studied and suggested that the quality of hair can be improved with a good-quality treatment rather than. sitting in the home doing natural remedies. In this hair fixation treatment, the dermatologist takes an overview of the patient extracts a specific amount of follicles from any part of the body, and plants them into the bald patches. This ultimately helps in rejuvenating and making your looks and hair more presentable.

How is the procedure performed?

Steps of front-line hair fixing treatment:

  • Overview of the candidate’s condition: 

The surgeon will observe the candidate and take a proper overview of the condition.

  • Application of anesthesia: 

Local or general anesthesia will be applied to the patient as needed.

  • Extraction of hair follicles:

After this step, the surgeon will extract a specific number of hair follicles from the back side of the head. 

  • Hair grafts preparation: 

The removed hair follicles are used to prepare hair grafts. 

  • Insertion of grafts: 

The surgeon applies the grafts prepared from the hair follicles on the bald front hairline patches stepwise accordingly.

  • Stitches/bandages:

To conclude, possible stitches and bandages are applied to the treated area to get rid of the risk of infections or bleeding.

Pre-procedure care:

Some of the general considerations that might be important must be taken care of: 

  • The doctor will discuss the hair-fixing techniques.
  • A scalp examination test is very important before getting a hair treatment.
  • To check your health, proper blood tests will be taken.
  • Avoid using hair gels, and sprays a few days before the treatment.
  • Do not eat heavy meals right before the procedure is to be performed.
  • Keep the hair clean and dry on the day of treatment.

After Care Instructions: 

Some specific instructions must be taken care of after the treatment:

  • Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after the treatment.
  • For the first few days, avoid using hair products including shampoo.
  • Refrain from strenuous activities or hard exercises involving bending or weight-lifting 
  • Avoid using hot tools just like hair styling tools to avoid any risk.
  • Use a good quality hair comb with wide teeth.
  • To keep the hair units safe, do not rub your hair on harsh towels.
  • Clean and dry the area treated with soap as told by the doctor.
  • Do consult your doctor in case of any infection.

Benefits of Front Line Hair Fixing?

Following are described some of the important outcomes of Front Line Hair Fixing in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

  • This treatment shows effective outcomes.
  • Hair-fixing procedures are not painful.
  • It has no complications after the procedure.
  • Rather than going for expensive treatments, hair fixing is far more reasonable to get yourself relaxed.
  • It provides lifetime outcomes.
  • The growth of hair looks natural.
  • It builds the confidence of the candidate.


The dermatologist guides the candidates about the treatment. As per the review, the non-surgical procedures have very little recovery time as compared to the invasive procedures. It can take up to 5 days or a week to recover properly.

Other instructions to acknowledge: 

  1. The candidate should know about the treatment he/she is taking.
  2. Get a proper consultation with the physician and discuss the total cost of the treatment.
  3. The doctor should know about your previous medical history or medication to avoid any issues.
  4. Explore quality clinics that have proper technologies available.

Cost of Front Line Hair Fixing in Riyadh: 

The cost of Front Line Hair Fixing in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia varies from person to person as per their needs and requirements. Depending upon many factors the total cost is decided. 

Average cost of the treatment: 6,950 SAR to 18,950 SAR

Factors impacting the cost: 

  • Type of procedure used
  • Quality of products used
  • Fee of the surgeon 
  • Location of the clinic 
  • Expertise of the dermatologist 

Choose Front Line Hair Fixing from our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh:

If any of you is going through a hair disaster then visit our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh to get the cure for bad hair. Unleash your power of beautiful hair by getting our Front Line Hair Fixing in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Your hair is your passion. Every person has big hair dreams that can be fulfilled to come true. So do not worry and fill your front hairline from a dull to a dazzling look. Visit us to know further information about the clinic and get the latest updates about the treatment. Don’t hide and seek the treatment you deserve. 

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