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Every person is born with a unique feature and appearance. These features make him different from any other person present on the earth. Nobody in the entire world is perfect. We should not be worried about our insecurities, rather everyone should try to accept their flaws and be positive. Now to cut short, every other person has different characteristics including a chubby face or a slim face, thin lips or bold lips, a big forehead, or a small forehead. But due to advancements in technology, you can get your flaws fixed. As reported many people are born with thin lips that result in more distance between the nose and the upper lips but our clinic Aesthetic Clinic offers Lip Lift Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia to help such candidates distance get natural fuller lips.  

Quick Facts:

  • Duration of treatment: 1 hour
  • Results: lasts up to years
  • Cost: 7999 SAR to 9999 SAR
  • Type of procedure: Surgical 
  • Downtime: No

What is Lip Lift Surgery?

Lift surgery is a type of cosmetic procedure that helps in decreasing the distance present between the upper lip and nose. This procedure helps in giving a more natural and fuller lips to the candidate. Many kinds of lip lift surgery help in providing a more youthful personality and smile.


There are many different types of searches available for a lip lift. Some of them are described below briefly: 

  • Central lip lift: 

This cosmetic surgery is also known as the “Bullhorn ” procedure. In this treatment, a small piece of skin is taken out from under the nose area and afterward, the remaining skin of the lips and the nose is stretched. This ultimately gives a more fuller appearance to the lips and shortens the distance between the upper lip and the nose.

  • Corner lip lift:

Some people have natural droopy lips that make the overall appearance of the face very different. With the help of a corner lip lift,  the surgeon makes small cuts on both sides of the lips, and the tissues present within them are lifted. This procedure is minimally invasive and can help the candidate give him a more positive smile.

  • Direct lip lift:

This cosmetic surgery is done to give a more defined look to the lips. A small piece of skin is cut from the upper lip area and hence by stretching the tissues, the lips come in proper shape.


The outcomes of any type of lip lift procedure only depend upon the severity of the problem and the type of procedure used. The person should schedule a visit to the surgeon before the treatment. These procedures are very less invasive and have no downtime. The scarring after these methods can be gone within a few days. This treatment helps in giving a good smile and youthful appearance to the candidate.

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The results of Lip Lift Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia are as under:

  • Enhances the overall appearance of the candidate.
  • It helps in boosting the self-confidence of the patient.
  • The lips get more fuller and defined.
  • It also helps in decreasing the wrinkles around the mouth giving a more youthful look.
  • It provides a more defined and positive smile to the person.
  • These procedures get the lips in a symmetrical shape.
  • Terminates dark pores on the skin
  • This process has no side effects.
  • Aging signs can also be reduced 

Ideal Candidate:

Any person can get this treatment done as no gender matters. If any candidate is considering a surgery for lip lift then visit our clinic and get the treatment done. This will help in enhancing the overall appearance of the face and make you positive. Before getting into the methods you should know the following instructions: 

  • If the person has a very long upper lip.
  • If you want to get fuller lips.
  • Not type of medical history or disease.
  • People going through any type of dental problem cannot get lip lift surgery
  • Aging may cause wrinkles around the mouth, get this treatment to lessen the skin and wrinkles.
  • If the candidate wants natural and realistic results.

Pre-care Instructions:

A candidate should take pre-care instructions before getting the treatment. Some are as described below:

  •  Avoid going into sunlight before getting the treatment done. 
  • Abstain from smoking or the intake of alcohol.
  • People suffering from skin issues cannot get this treatment done.
  • Stop taking any type of heavy medication including aspirin.
  • Keep yourself clean and tidy.

Aftercare Instructions:

After the treatment, some of the instructions must be followed:

  • The candidate should follow the doctor’s prescription and take medicines on time.
  • Do not rub the treated area to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Do not use harsh makeup products.
  • The candidate should follow the doctor’s prescription.

Cost of Lip Lift Surgery in Riyadh:

The Lip Lift Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is being used in our clinic to help everyone with droopy or asymmetrical lips. The cost of the procedure is 7999 SAR to 9999 SAR depending upon many factors.

Factors impacting the cost:

The cost of this process depends upon many factors such as,

  • Location of the clinic 
  • The toughness of the procedure
  • The number of sessions required
  • Fee of the specialist 
  • Experience of the doctor 


Non experienced surgeons can distort the appearance of the nose and the base and the nostrils. 

The sutures are removed five days after surgery and the temporary swelling of the lip may last two weeks. 

The full recovery takes almost six months at least.

People with excessive lip length. 

Choose our Lip Lift Surgery at our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh: 

These procedures have various benefits. It helps in giving a natural and fuller appearance to the lips. Don’t waste your time and get our Lip Lift Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia from our clinic. Our professional surgeons will provide you with the best possible treatment. For further details visit us to get some information.

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