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It is a surgical process and is also known as cleft palate surgery is performed to improve the roof of your mouth it is dome usually in the early ages of the child if he is having such an issue the age is about 6 to 12 weeks in this the baby can easily be stabilized for making the procedure to happen. The action is taken on the hard and soft plates of the roof of the mouth and the gap between them is closed after the surgery it appears as a birthmark or due to any kind of injury a person has faced. Careful incisions are made and muscles and tissues are enhanced to improve the aesthetics. Sometimes after such surgeries speech therapies and other speaking classes are given to the child to improve any kind of disorder if it is the brain. As a modern procedure, it has fewer potential risks and better upshots. 

Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time: between 2 to 3 hours.
  • Results: long-lasting
  • Side effects: some irritation and swelling
  • Downtime: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Procedure types: about 3 main types.

What is palatoplasty:

It is a surgical process performed to improve the roof of the mouth by making small and careful incisions through advanced techniques that have fewer potential risks and better upshots with minimum downtime to show the effects. It is the repositioning of the tissue of a particular part of the mouth to improve the aesthetics and speaking ability of the child there are a few options to solve this problem as it depends on the defect whether it is due to injury or the birth it is not only performed on infants but also on the adults to reconstruct their graft of the palate.

The course of action:

It is a surgical procedure that is done to repair the cleft palate on the roof of the mouth which was unable to join during pregnancy it happens due to a lack of some nutrients in the mother’s body in the start of the procedure small incisions are made at both sides of the cleft than the tissues are healed with time as the procedure is formed after reshaping some kind of tissues which is typically done to close the gap of the mouth with the roof of the mouth. The main goal of the surgery is to improve the aesthetic of the person as these types of small procedures can easily improve the overall appearance of the person. Consult with the dermatologist before the procedure so that he can guide you with the optimal treatment a person can have according to the needs and goals of the person.


By this, the looks and aesthetics of a person are enhanced and overall appearance is improved there is an increase in the social confidence of the person, and speaking ability is improved. Risks of infections are reduced results also depend on the size of the problem and the abilities of the dermatologist.

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Palate Repair Surgery cost in riyadh Palate Repair Surgery in riyadh Best Palate Repair Surgery cost in Riyadh

Post-operative measures:

  • To manage the pain properly pain killers should be taken as advised by the doctor.
  • Do not touch to scratch the area that is newly treated.
  • During the initial days have a light and less chewable diet which is easy to eat.
  • Take proper care of the wounds and clean them gently without harsh chemicals.
  • Sucking should be reduced in the beginning to not harm the treated area.
  • Follow the appointments with the doctor so that your results can easily be observed. Do not perform such activities that can negatively affect the stitches.
  • Hygienic conditions of the mouth should be taken very seriously to protect from infections. 


  • The speaking ability of the person is improved and now he faces no lagging.
  • Have a proper diet that has optimum nutrients for the body to have at that time.
  • Closing of the cleft eliminates breathing problems and nasal regulations.
  •  If this procedure is performed on time person does not have to face infections.
  • Results are natural-looking and long-term if proper care is given.
  • Physical appearance, confidence, and social well-being are improved.
  •  Dental health is also improved as teeth are observed in this process and patients desire brighter teeth.

Types of palatoplasty:

  • Primary Palastoplasty: this is the initial stage at which the infant is given treatment.
  • Furlow  Palatoplasty: in this procedure, a Z plasty technique is used to tighten the skin of the roof of the mouth.
  • Two-Flap Palastoplasty: it involves the use of two flap tissues to perform the procedure


The cost of Palate Repair Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is very reasonable and the results fulfill the amount that is an aid to us cost if from SAR 18,000 to SAR 30,000 which is a good price and the results are permanent due to our well-qualified and professional surgeons which have maintained our reputation.

What makes us prominent:

Here most technologies are used by the best, qualified, experienced, and professional surgeons it is only due to our surgeons. We have also maintained hygienic conditions for the patients to get comfort while having any kind of treatment everyone here is given equal treatment as well and the prices are fulfilled by the results patients get. We are professionals in our field and have maintained a record of successfully performing surgeries.


Palate repair surgery should be done when your baby is 6 to 12 months old. 

Avoid eating hard foods such as toast, biscuits or rusks during the healing process. 

It depends, patients often tolerate this procedure with only mild to moderate pain.

The average weight of the children at 1 year of age is 9-10 kg. 

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book an appointment with us by visiting our website on the internet which is Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you can ask about your goals and realistic expectations about what the patient wants to have here.

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