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Back then, there were no procedures or options available to permanently remove the tattoos. There was no chance of getting that tattoo away. But due to advancement in technology and studies, every other kind of tattoos can be removed with the help of laser treatments. A very famous procedure is available probably known as Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. In this procedure, very high energy is used. This is a safe treatment as the ink particles are eliminated through the body with the passage of time.

Quick Facts: 

  • Type of procedure: non-invasive 
  • Duration of procedure: 40 to 60 minutes 
  • Side effects: a little itching 
  • Results: long lasting 
  • Downtime: No
  • Number of sessions: 6-8
  • Cost: 1,999 SAR to 4,999 SAR

What is Picosure Tattoo Removal?

Picosure tattoo removal is a very famous and unique laser treatment. It uses high energy to break down the tattoo ink particles. The immune system of the body eventually eliminates the particles. This beneficial treatment is less damaging to the skin.

Results of Picosure Tattoo Removal:

In this procedure, the candidate gets rid of unwanted tattoos permanently for a lifetime. This treatment gives many outcomes after taking the required number of sessions. Following the treatment, there are no side effects before or after. To get in a perfect condition, follow the doctor’s advice..

How to Prepare Yourself Before the Treatment?

In order to undergo the treatment, the specialist prepares a consultation. The specialist advises many guidelines. Some of the pre care instructions are described as under: 

  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning beds. Do not go straight into the light for 2-4 weeks at least.
  • Certain medications including, accurate or ibuprofen should be avoided.
  • Do not use harsh or irritating skin care products.
  • Abstain from the intake of alcohol.
  • Stop smoking.
  • The candidate must consult the doctor for quick recovery.

How is the treatment performed?

During the Picosure Tattoo Removal, you can expect the following procedure:


  • Consultation: The candidate has to go through an initial consultation with a qualified doctor to check the overall body health and to tell his personalised plans.


To start the procedure, following steps are involved: 

  • To start off the procedure, the doctor gently wipes  the site area with alcohol swabs for killing germs.
  • In the second step, he applies anesthesia for numbness and to avoid discomfort during the procedure. Using the laser device, treatment is started.
  • A high beam of rays eventually breaks the tiny ink particles. This does not rupture the hair follicles.
  • The number of sessions depends upon the candidate’s condition. You will need 6 to 8 sessions for permanent removal.
  • There is a gap of several days or weeks between each session.

Recovery and After-Care Instructions:

After the treatment is performed, many after care instructions should be followed as described by the candidate. Some of the instructions are as follows: 

  • Do not go for heavy physical exercising or a weight lift right after the treatment.
  • In case of discomfort and itching apply cooling gel.
  • Keep the site area clean and dry to prevent an allergic reaction.
  • Apply sunscreen if it’s good quality after heading out.
  • Avoid swimming or going in hot tubs during the healing time period. 
  • Keep the area moisturized.

Benefits of Picosure Tattoo Removal: 

Some of the popular and major benefits of Picosure Tattoo Removal in Riyadh are as under:

  • It is a non-invasive way to get rid of tattoos permanently for a lifetime. 
  • It has very less recovery time.
  • It has no side effects.
  • Picosure treatment is gentle on the skin.
  • Any color of tattoo ink can be removed.
  • You can achieve your desired outcomes.
  • It helps in boosting the self-esteem of the candidate.

Cost of Picosure Tattoo Removal in Riyadh: 

The cost of Picosure Tattoo Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia varies from person to person. It is a very reasonable fee that our clinic is offering. Depending upon many factors the total cost is decided. 

Average cost: 1,999 SAR to 4,999 SAR

Factors impacting the cost: 

  • Fee of the specialist
  • Colour of the tattoo
  • Tattoo’s size
  • Total number of sessions 
  • Location of the clinic 
  • Expertise of the specialist 

Choose our Picosure Tattoo Removal at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh:

Tattoo removal, the fresh start you need. Cleanse yourself of unwanted ink. Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh has professional doctors who will help you to fade that tattoo. Visit us to get Picosure Tattoo Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Contact us to get consultation from our expert doctors. For further information, pay a visit to us and get a confidence booster. 

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