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Buttock Enhancement in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic is performed to enhance the appearance of the buttocks of a person by improving the volume, shape, and size of the buttocks of the person. It can be performed by liposuction, fat grafting, and butt lift surgeries. As it is a modern treatment it causes minimum scarring and the results after the modifications are superb. Mostly anatomic surgeons perform these types of surgeries by using general anesthesia according to the duration of the surgery that is going to be performed. Here the price paid to us is not very much as compared to the results provided by our well-qualified and experienced surgeons. Firstly the incisions are made from where the fat is going to be extracted and where it will be grafted. Then by liposuction or by drips the extracted fat is grafted, and the incisions are carefully closed with dissolvable stitches sometimes.

What is Buttock Enhancement?

Buttock enhancement is typically a procedure that has the goal to improve the shape, size, and volume of a person by extracting and grafting fat from one place of the body where it is not needed to the place where it is mainly required. It provides an aesthetic appearance to the person and overall looks are also improved by such modifications in the body. This procedure can be done by many procedures like butt-lift, buttock implants, and fat transfer. It is a modern procedure and causes minimum scaring and the results are immediate and superb far better than the expectation of the persona. Some general anesthesia is used to make the surgery comfortable for the patient. It has fewer potential risks and the desired outcomes can easily be achieved but the results also depend on the skills of the dermatologist. But before having such treatment consult with a well-qualified and experienced surgeon to get the perfect treatment for yourself.

The course of action:

Before having any kind of modifications to yourself consult with a well-qualified and professional surgeon for having such kinds of treatments then get your overall health monitored and some tests will be performed to check out whether you are an ideal candidate or not. After that, you will be told to follow some pre-operative instructions that will be given to you to be followed so that you will be prepared for the procedure. It only takes a day to complete the surgery and some amount of general anesthesia is used for making the person comfortable during the procedure. The surgeon will then perform liposuction to harvest and graft the fat from the unwanted areas to the areas where it is needed. It is all performed with the help of injections and drips to enhance the volume, shape, and size of the butts of a person. Then the patient will have to follow the post-operative measures to get the optimum results after the modifications and wait for the recovery to happen so that the results can appear properly. If you observe any unusual change in the wounds or the dissolvable stitches consult with the doctor as soon as possible to prevent infection.


The appearance of the person will become aesthetic and he will gain more confidence. An increase in the self-esteem of the patient is also observed as now they can wear any kind of fashion wear to satisfy themselves results might take some time but they are surprisingly good.

The figure of the person is balanced after this procedure and the person is more than just satisfied.

Best Buttock Enhancement Clinic in Riyadh Buttock Enhancement in Riyadh Buttock Enhancement Clinic Riyadh

Best Buttock Enhancement in Riyadh Buttock Enhancement cost in riyadh Best Buttock Enhancement cost in Riyadh

 Post-operative measures:

  • Follow the instructions given by the dermatologist for the best outcomes to appear.
  • Take an optimal amount of rest so that the recovery can be done easily.
  • Wear comfortable garments as they will reduce swelling and provide support to the treated area.
  • Drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated for the best recovery.
  • Do not come in contact with the sunlight directly and if needed use sunscreens.
  • Attend the appointments with the dermatologist so that the outcomes can properly be observed.
  • Keep a good eye on the signs of infection, swelling, or any other type of complication.
  • Take medicines according to the prescribed routine to maintain pain for the initial stages


  • This treatment will provide a more shaped and contoured butt to the person.
  • As the procedure uses the person’s fat, it is the most minimally risky treatment.
  • The process not only improves the look of buns but the overall appearance is enhanced.
  • This is a procedure that involves small incisions that will cause minimum scarring.
  • Changes can be made in the treatment according to the needs and desires.
  • The overall appearance of the body can be enhanced by small fixation in small portions.
  • Results are long-lasting and can establish a permanent presence in the buttocks.
  • Recovery time is very fast as compared to traditional methods.
  • The confidence of a person is enhanced by satisfying the looks of the person.

Types of Augmentations:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift: it involves the removal and grafting of fat from one place of the body to another.
  • Thread Lift: it is a non-surgical procedure to dissolve fat from the unwanted areas of the body.
  • Hydrogel injections: they are temporary gel-like substances to remove aft and are relatively less 

Cost of Buttock Enhancement in Riyadh: 

The average cost of Buttocks Enhancement in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic starts from about SAR 2250 to about SAR 10,000 which is not expensive.

What makes us prominent?

Here the most modern techniques are used to provide the best results to every patient. Hygienic conditions are taken seriously by everyone to make them comfortable during the treatment. The results are ever-lasting and natural-looking.

Booking an appointment:

Anyone can book an appointment with us by visiting our website on the internet that is Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh here you can talk with us about the realistic expectations and goals of the treatment in your mind. 

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