Fractional Laser with PRP Therapy in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Have you lost your shiny and flawless skin? Are you searching for skin recovery? We have the best possible treatment Fractional Laser with PRP therapy which is the only best solution that will address all your skin problems including freckles, ageing spots, wrinkles, and facial lines. Get the desired results from the treatment with our top-notch doctors at our clinic. Be ready for the skin change you deserve. Read below to understand the procedure and benefits.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost:799 SAR.
  • Outcomes: long enduring.
  • Side effects: minimal.
  • Type of technique: non-invasive 
  • Procedure time:40-50 minutes. 
  • Multiple sessions: yes.

Understanding the treatment:

It is a combination of the Fractional laser and a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). It helps in getting results from both.  The fractional laser helps in the creation of small channels on the skin. Leading to boosting the regeneration process.


The outcomes from the treatment can be seen after a single session with the doctor, multiple sessions may be needed to gain the optimal results from the treatment. The laser mixture helps treat various skin conditions: dull skin, increased pigmentation, excessive hair, and loose skin. The device provides the best results in treating all of the skin problems. The results depend on the individual’s skin condition and the desired results from the treatment. The treatment gives quick outcomes expected within a few weeks. If you use it for hair removal therapy it can take multiple sessions to give the maximum outcomes.

Who is the eligible candidate?

The perfect or eligible candidate is the individual who:

  • is suffering from lax skin
  • Has lots of face lines and wrinkles on the face.
  • Do not require a facelift.
  • Is ready to follow all the stages of the treatment.
  • Has sun-damaged skin.
  • Contains scars on the face.
  • Anyone who Has Aging spots.
  • People with the freckles as well as blemishes.

Steps-Before Treatment:

The preparations for the treatment are a must to follow for the best outcomes:

  • Do not use cosmetic products on your face for a day before the treatment.
  • Inform the doctor about your health conditions.
  • You are advised not to use topical medications for a few days before the treatment.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid sun radiation.
  • Prevent from going through multiple treatment processes such as chemical peeling or waxing on the area that is to be treated for optimal results.
  • Be hydrated and drink enormous water.
  • Gently cleanse your skin and apply a moisturizer on the skin.

Following these instructions will minimize the risks of complications of the treatment and maximize the results.


The procedure of the treatment is simple, easy and involves:

  • The patient’s blood is drawn and this blood is processed in a centrifuge device that helps separate red blood cells and white blood cells from the plasma.
  • Then fractional laser therapy takes place by making tiny incisions on the skin. The treatment helps in making little holes.
  • These holes are filled with the extracted plasma.
  • It takes 30-50 minutes for the treatment procedure.

Steps-after Treatment:

After treatment, instructions are followed for quicker recovery. It involves:

  • Apply a cold compress on the skin, It will help minimize the itching and redness on the skin.
  • Apply sunscreen on your face to avoid y=sun’s exposure.
  • Do not touch or even scratch the treated area.
  • Use a cleanser on your skin.
  • Apply a non-irritant moisturizer on the skin.


It gives multiple advantages which are:

  • It helps rejuvenate the skin.
  • The mixture of both treatments offers optimal results.
  • The Plasma is used to increase the recovery process and boost the collagen production of the skin.
  • It helps in providing minimal recovery.
  • The combined treatment helps increase the blood flow in your body resulting in a lighter complexion of skin tone.
  • Removes freckles and blemishes.
  • It also helps in eliminating many health conditions such as wrinkles, scars, and aging spots on the face.

Recovery Phase:

Some of the individuals might face redness and swelling after the treatment but these are normal and it will eliminate after the initial recovery phase that lasts up to a few days. The recovery time after the treatment depends on the healing abilities of the patient.

Cost of Fractional Laser with PRP therapy in Riyadh

The treatment offers astonishing results and the cost for the treatment is SAR 800 on average. The Cost is not fixed and it can vary depending on many factors: the condition of the patient, the number of sessions, desired results, and the experience of the doctor.


Yes,it boosts collagen production.

Yes, it is helpful in rejuvenating the skin.

Yes, it can remove the freckles.

No, the candidate should avoid the use of cosmetic products.

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