Scarless Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

If you are afraid of getting scars after a hair transplant surgery then no need to be depressed about it anymore as you have got a perfect Scarless Hair Transplant in Riyadh. This procedure is less painful in contrast to surgical hair implantation. Nourishment of hair will increase after this treatment. You will get perfectly smooth skin clear of scars after this process. Being an innovative method it contains all the necessary qualities.

What is Scarless Hair Transplant?

The treatment is in which the hair strands are individually taken from the back of the scalp and then implanted into the targeted area. The process is also called FUE transplant. This procedure does not involve any scalp removal instead follicles are withdrawn without even making an incision. The process takes time to get completed but the results of the process are worth it. The price of the treatment is also affordable. 

The goal of treatment:

  • The reason for offering this non-surgical treatment is to avoid marks or spots that remain on the skin after this treatment.
  • The patient will have hair in the balding areas.
  • FUE is a better method than a hair transplant because it promises no scarring and fast hair growth.
  • Doctors also claim that clients are happier with scar-free hair transplants.


In this procedure, hair follicles are harvested from the head area that is genetically resistant to balding. It is also called the donor area. Each strand is harvested from the scalp using a round medical punch. That means that, as long as the overall number of follicular units is constrained, patients are typically free to cut their hair as short as they choose without suffering significant cosmetic harm to their donor area because there is no linear scar. The standard procedure for this type of hair transplant treatment is shaving the back or side of the scalp. For this reason, follicles inserted at the bald area remain in place for the entire life.

Is Fue Scarless?

Yes, FUE is termed as a scarless treatment because with this treatment the patient does not get any scars. The scars obtained by the FUT procedure are large enough to be visible. But with this treatment, you can do haircuts according to your desires as the hair follicles are taken with the help of small incisions. 

The accuracy of the withdrawal process of hair from the donor area depends on the techniques of the doctor too. It plays an important part in giving the scars or not. 

Procedure Details:

To know about the Scarless Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia you need to read the following steps:

  • Marking of the Recipient Area:

First of all, the doctor will do markings for the area where the baldness is present to make sure about the insertion process. 

  • Shaving:

After that, your head will be shaved so that you can get through the process. With shaving, your scalp will be properly visible to the surgeons. 

  • Withdrawal of Hair Follicles:

Now the doctor will take the follicles from the donor area with the help of special tools one by one and then these collected follicles are prepared. 

  • Preparation of Hair Grafts:

The preparation phase of the follicles is done by the doctors at the same time in which the follicles are cleaned and washed so that they can be inserted in the right place.

  • Application of Anesthesia:

Then the doctor will apply anesthesia to the scalp of the patient so that they can not feel any pain. 

  • Implantation of Donor Follicles:

After that, the hair follicles which were taken will be inserted into the recipient area with special tools. 

  • Ointment application on Donor Region:

When the process is completed, the doctor will apply some ointment on the donor region so that the patient can recover.


Immediately after healing, you may feel some itching, but that’s okay. You will need to follow all instructions prescribed by your doctor because you may have to stop your daily grind. Aseptic procedures will help avoid infections and other skin irritations. You will be given some medicine according to your body type after proper examination.


Scarless hair transplant is a less noticeable scar procedure, as the name refers. As far as the outcomes are concerned, it all depends upon the type of donor area. You will see visible results if the donor area has enough thick hair growth. But remember that the hair transplant procedure takes time to show results. After the transplant procedure, the individual will experience hair falling out, which is normal. Many people consider it a failure of the cosmetic procedure. In many individuals, observable results will take around 6 to 12 months. It honestly all depends upon the individual’s genes and growth speed.

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FUE is more about advantages as it treats people with new technologies. Benefits related to the FUE are as follows:

  • More instantaneous hair growth
  • Scarless treatment
  • You can keep it a secret as bruises will disappear after the treatment
  • No baldness anymore
  • Cheap process

Cost of Scarless Hair transplant in Riyadh

Scarless treatment cost is defined by different factors that may change from person to person. The Price of Scarless Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Ranges for 4,000 SAR to 15,000 SAR but rates are not that high here in the KSA.

Cost factors include a number of hair grafts a person needs, the level of expertise of the doctor, and geographic location of the treatment provider.

Do you want to know how much you will have to pay us if you purchase our scar less hair transplant? Contact and speak to us anytime and know the price.


Lidocaine is the preferred local anesthesia nowadays.

The main reason for the addition of adrenaline is to limit absorption, enabling the use of higher total dosage and prolonging the duration of action.

A very small percentage of patients do not shed and the transplanted hair continues to grow.

With FUE, there is no strip removed and instead, each follicle is removed with a tiny round surgical punch. 

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