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Have you ever wanted that there was a method by which you can get the eyes you want without making much effort? To look more young. Now you dont have to worry as we provide you with under-eye fillers in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia . Sometimes you sleep late at night for some reason like when you are busy watching movies or doing your business project your eyes get affected a lot. Your eyes become tired and under the eyes, black circles form and your under eyes become soft. But you dont have to worry as with this procedure you can lift your under eyes and you can maintain an overall good facial look. This will also help you to look young. The treatment is not complex and it can be done safely. It is not a process that you have to apply some creams on the under eyes daily but it’s a method that will boost your look temporarily for a long period. If you want to learn about the treatment you can read the given information. 

Fast Facts:

Procedure Time: about half an hour.

Downtime: 1 or 2 days.

Back to work: Next day.

Outcomes: 1 to 2 weeks.

What are under-eye fillers:

These are types of fillers that are used to remove wrinkles, lines, and dark areas from under the eye. These are very popular and famous because of the positive feedback and the mind-blowing results. The application of such fillers will also help you look young and improve your overall facial look. 

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Aims/ Goals:

There are many aims of the treatment. The aims are:

  • To get rid of dark circles under your eyes and improve your overall facial look.
  • To reduce wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes that will provide you with a young look.
  • To boost your confidence by ending the embarrassment that you ever faced due to wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.
  • To help your face skin look good and make your skin tight under the eyes.


There are many benefits of the procedure. The main benefits are:

  1. You will get smooth skin without dark circles under your eyes which will help you look young and will improve your overall looks.
  2. Your under-eye area volume will be enhanced giving you an overall good look.
  3. The treatment is noninvasive so the time of recovery is very short.
  4. The results are long-lasting so you will not have to worry about dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles for a long period.

Risks and effects:

There are some risks and side effects of the treatment that you should know. The main risks are:

  • You may get swelling or redness around your eyes, especially the area that got injected.
  • You may get small lumps under the eyes but those are temporary and can be treated. 
  • You may get small spots around the area of your eyes that may not look good.


The procedure of the treatment is very simple and can be done in just one session and it also takes less time. At the initial stage, you have to consult with a doctor and discuss the treatment and your aims for the treatment. After some observations, the best treatment for you will be prepared to get you the best-desired results. These fillers will be injected in the spotted area and it will be injected using fine needles. The amount of the fillers may depend on your goals. After injections, the doctor will give you a massage to spread the fillers and avoid any lumps. Your doctor will give you the instructions to follow after the procedure to get the best results. 


There are some rules to follow after the process to get the desired results. The main steps are:

  • Do not touch the treated area for at least 24 hours after the process to avoid any complications.
  • Avoid any hard activities and exercises that may cause excessive sweating.
  • Apply ice or some cold material to the under eyes to help you to get the best results.
  • Avoid going in direct sunlight to avoid any difficulties as it directly affects the outcomes.
  • Sleep in such a position that your head is elevated which will help get the desired results.

Ideal candidate:

Anyone is an ideal candidate to undergo the treatment who:

  • Is in good overall health and has no skin-related or any other long-term disease.
  • Someone who knows about the treatment results and side effects and is willing to undergo the treatment. 
  • Is determined regarding the procedure and has real expectations about the process.
  • Wants to build confidence by improving facial looks and by looking younger.


If you are considering and thinking of undergoing the treatment. The cost of under-eye fillers in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia may depend on some factors such as the location of the clinic. The knowledge and experience of the doctor. No pre and after-sessions that are going to be done. Type of the fillers that are going to be used.

Why choose us?

The under-eye fillers in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh are the best option you have as we provide you with the best doctors in the world. The treatment is done in full safety. We provide you with the latest techniques and methods to help get what you want.

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