Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Cost

Introducing Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia, a highly successful alternative surpassing traditional strip hair transplantation (FUT) and FUE hair transplantation methods. At our Aesthetic Clinic, we specialize in addressing hair loss, scalp concerns, and more. This innovative technique not only effectively treats these issues but also contributes to a more youthful and attractive appearance.

What are stem cells?

Serving as somatic cells, stem cells undergo division and differentiation to form specific cells. In the medical domain, adult stem cells are extensively utilized through stem cell transplants to address various diseases. These cells play a crucial role in healing damaged body tissues by reducing inflammation and are employed in the restoration of damaged hair on the head.

The Perfect Candidate:

For individuals experiencing hair thinning and seeking a swift restoration of hair, Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia stands out as the optimal choice. Take a look at the following scenarios to identify the ideal candidate:

  • Lessening of hair.
  • Observing a tight scalp.
  • The age of the contender must be above 24 years.
  • Enough hair in the place of the donor.


The procedure employs an automated punching tool to extract hair grafts from the donor area, utilizing a meticulous one-by-one grafting approach. Typically, a 0.5-0.8 mm tool is utilized for graft extraction, as smaller grafts contribute to superior results. These diminutive grafts play a pivotal role in achieving an exceptionally natural look. The procedure is completed within a relatively short time frame, spanning approximately 8-10 hours.

During the process, small incisions are made, and the extracted hair grafts are delicately inserted into them. Crafting the hairline is a nuanced aspect that demands heightened attention. Therefore, the frontal area is adorned with fine and premium-quality hair grafts, ensuring a refined and natural appearance.


The innovative approach to hair transplant involves the utilization of stem cell hair, making it a method not universally adopted by all clinics. There is a considerable curiosity among individuals regarding the outcomes of cell therapy surgical treatment. This method has garnered significant attention, accompanied by a multitude of questions and uncertainties. Fortunately, the results of the treatment prove to be highly effective and satisfying, leaving recipients content and pleased with the aesthetic enhancements achieved.


  1. Quicker grafts extractions with more accuracy and precision
  2. It has low grafts damage and destruction rate
  3. Long-lasting results
  4. 2500-5000 grafts can be easily inserted in one session
  5. Only technique through which follicles are regenerated in the donor area
  6. Painless and scar-less procedure
  7. Grafts retention have extremely positive results
  8. Very short recovery time with more successful results

Cost of Stem Cell Hair Transplant:

The estimated Price of Stem Cell Hair transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is 5499 SAR to 9999 SAR, and it is a variable cost.

The actual cost will be determined based on factors that affect the cost and include:

  • Clinic website.
  • Doctor’s competence.
  • Clinic level.
  • Other additional fees.

Why should you choose us?

The Aesthetic Clinic in Riyadh boasts highly skilled and experienced doctors delivering top-notch treatments at competitive prices, with a 100% guarantee on results. For comprehensive information regarding Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia, simply complete the form below to avail a complimentary consultation with our experts. Expect our dedicated team to reach out to you promptly!

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