Laser Carbon Peel Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Cost

Are you tired of the skin problems? Let’s embark on a journey with us to unveil radiant skin with this noninvasive technique Laser carbon peel treatment in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.  It cleanses the skin deeply and reduces the imperfections signs. Wave goodbye to the skin woes and welcome radiant and flawless skin. It is the perfect option for someone who has impurities in their skin, this carbon combines with the laser technique to enhance the natural appearance. 

Read below to learn more about it. 

Quick Facts

  • Cost: 399 SAR to 899 SAR
  • Results: long enduring
  • Multiple sessions: yes
  • Side effects: Minimal
  • Downtime: not required
  • Back to Work: right after the process
  • Duration of Treatment: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive

What is laser carbon peel? 

This involves a noninvasive treatment to address the problems of the skin. This treatment is pain-free and helps to rejuvenate the skin of the neck, face, and hands. This process is effective and provides a firmer and younger appearance. 

The main goal of this technique is to extract the aging signs from the old-looking skin, treat acne scram help to shrink the large pores, extract the black heads, increase the tone of the skin, and remove the dead cells from the skin. 


The results are noticeable after some days of the process, it includes the removal of pigmentation and enhances the skin tone. It is recommended to get the technique about two to three times. 


The benefits of this technique are as follows: 

  • Fixes the irregularities of the face 
  • Treats the dark pigments 
  • Removes the large pores 
  • Non-invasive process 
  • Addresses the scars 

Who can get this? 

The people who are perfect for this process are as follows:

  • People who have acne 
  • Anyone with enlarged pores 
  • Candiet having any type of skin issue 
  • A person with realistic expectation
  • Anyone who is above 18 age 
  • People with the tattoo can also get this 


The procedure takes place at the sites, and the experienced doctor performs this treatment in about one hour, the steps are mentioned below: 

  1. Preparation: the procedure begins with the preparation, the doctor removes the impurities of the skin and makeup by cleaning the skin 
  2. Application: the doctor applies the carbon peel on the candidate’s face, keeping the eye area safe, as the solution may irritate the eye. 
  3. Laser: the doctor directs the laser light into the carbon peel to rejuvenate the skin, the laser penetrates deeply under the skin to regenerate the skin cells or exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. 
  4. Multiple sessions: to get the desired results, it is advisable to get multiple sessions. 

What should the candidate do after the procedure? 

The following are the instructions  given by the doctor to achieve the best of the result: 

  • protect the area from getting the connection 
  • Wear sunshades while going out 
  • Always wear a sunblock 
  • Do not use medicine such as blood thinners 
  • Take the medicine daily 


The recovery time is less due to the noninvasive technique used. The candies can recover in about some days, for instant recovery and optimal results, follow the guidelines which the doctor provides at the end of the procedure. 

What is its Cost: 

The estimated cost of Laser carbon peel treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia may vary between 399 SAR and 899 SAR. however, this cost is not fixed, the variation in the cost comes due to some factors such as the experience of the doctor, the reputation of the clinic, the condition of the person’s skin, and the number of sessions required. 

You can also get the estimation of the final cost by scheduling an appointment with our dermatologist, they are experts in evaluating the accurate cost in a single consultation. 

Why consider us? 

The reason to consider our clinic is that we have highly qualified doctors who know how to perform the procedure without causing any damage or compilation to the other person. They ensure the safety of the candidate and are dedicated to providing the best possible results. To learn more, visit our clinic for the initial consultation. 


It cost about 399 SAR and 899 SAR

As the process is non-invasive, the recovery time is shorter, it may last for some hours 

The people can go back to normal routine after one to two days 

Yes, it can also treat the irregular skin texture 

The candidate should wear sunscreen before going out in the daytime 

The person can wear makeup after one to two weeks of the process

The aftercare instructions include the following things: protect the skin from the bacteria of the infection, do not take blood thinners, take the medicines which the doctor prescribes 

Nom the process is pain-free and it does not hurt 

No, it does not require the anesthesia 

No, there is no downtime associated with this process as it is non-invasive, and the laser technique 

Yes, it possesses some side effects that last for some hours including swelling, discoloration of the skin, and scarring 

Yes, the FDA approves this technique. 

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Are you looking for the best treatment option to rejuvenate your skin? Find no more, we offer the Laser carbon peel treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at the Aesthetic Clinic in Riyadh. Our doctors have been performing this procedure for the last 5 years. They know about all the complications and promise to provide the best results. To reach us call us now. 

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