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The most usual complication faced by people these days is hair fall. Every other person goes through hair loss at some point. This may be in early ages or older as it totally varies from person to person. There are three main stages of hair growth majorly named as; anagen phase; in which hair growth occurs, catagen phase; which is the resting stage and telogen phase; in which hair fall takes place. In other cases, if a person is facing extreme hair fall that does not even stop with thousands of home remedies then it means you are going through Alopecia Areata. But do not worry and get our Alopecia Areata Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia and regain your confidence with amazing hair.

Quick Facts: 

  • Type of procedure: non-surgical or minimal invasive 
  • Duration of treatment: 40-60 minutes
  • Sessions required: 3-4 sessions 
  • Side effects: a little itching 
  • Results: Permanent 
  • Downtime: Little 
  • Cost: 600 SAR to 1200 SAR per session 

What to know about Alopecia Areata? 

A type of autoimmune condition that arises due to a disorder in the immune system that affects the hair and face. In this condition, the hair growth stops and gets terminated. In the hair scalp, eyebrows and including the face, small coin sized white patches start to form. These small patches can be formed in many areas. The main reason behind this condition can be due to genetics and it can occur in any person. For a better treatment, the specialist will observe the candidate deeply and suggest a perfect solution. 

Are you a suitable candidate?

Before undergoing any type of procedure, the candidate should consider many important instructions and requirements to fulfil the treatment’s criteria. Such as: 

  • The candidate must be fit physically.
  • The patient must be over the age of 18.
  • If you observe round white patches on the scalp.
  • The candidate should have a realistic approach towards the treatment.
  • People who have extreme hair fall issues due to genetics.

After Care instructions: 

During the recovery period, the specialist prescribes many aftercare instructions to the candidate for quick results. The candidate should try to follow the steps told by the doctor. Some of the instructions are:  

  • Use the prescribed hair products as told by the doctor.
  • If you observe intense hair fall even after the treatment, then visit the doctor immediately.
  • Keep your hydration level 100% and maintain a good diet.
  • Keep getting proper consultation with the specialist to know the condition of the hair.
  • Stop smoking and intake of alcohol.
  • Keep yourself mentally strong.

Best treatments for Alopecia Areata?

The specialist will start the process by taking full observation of the candidate’s condition. Every treatment may not be a good option for everyone. Some of the treatment options are mentioned below that can help in the Alopecia Areata reduction.

Topical Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a type of acid that is effective for hair growth. A special minoxidil solution is applied to the scalp. The area of the scalp is rubbed twice or thrice a day. The visible results can be seen within 2-3 months. Minoxidil is better for male baldness.

Laser Hair Loss Therapy: It is an effective process that treats hair loss in male and female. In this procedure, laser beam is used to fasten the growth of hair. .

Mesotherapy: This is a minimal invasive procedure in which specific injections are applied into the scalp. These injections consist of specialized minerals including zinc, biotin or folic acid as well. 

Hair (PRP)Platelet Rich Plasma: This procedure uses the candidate’s own blood to perform the treatment. The growth factors are extracted from the blood and then injected into the site area. This treatment shows more accurate results after a few regular sessions.

Amazing Benefits:

There are thousands of appreciable outcomes of Alopecia Areata Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. The best results are described as under:

  • The treatment will increase the blood flow within the scalp.
  • The treatment also smooths out the texture and quality of hair.
  • The bald patches of the scalp will be filled with hair.
  • The treatment is pain free.
  • The most productive treatment to treat alopecia.

Cost of Alopecia Areata Treatment in Riyadh: 

The cost of Alopecia Areata Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia varies from person to person. Depending upon factors and desired outcomes the total cost is decided. 

Average cost: 600 SAR to 1200 SAR

Factors impacting the cost: 

  • Fee of the practitioner
  • Expertise of the doctor 
  • Type of treatment used
  • Location of the clinic

Choose our Alopecia Areata Treatment at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh:

How high can your hair grow? Take control of your hair growth today. Get confidence in every strand and change your life. Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh is offering Alopecia Areata Treatment for such candidates. Never settle for less than awesome hair. For more inquiries, get an appointment and pay a visit to our clinic.

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