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Hypertrophic scars, characterized by raised, red, and often itchy areas of skin, can develop following injury, surgery, or certain skin conditions. Unlike keloid scars, which extend beyond the original wound site, hypertrophic scars remain within the boundaries of the injury. While they are not typically harmful to health, hypertrophic scars can be aesthetically displeasing and may cause discomfort or self-consciousness. Effective option of Hypertrophic Scar in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia . These treatments may include topical therapies, such as silicone gels or sheets, corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation, laser therapy to remodel scar tissue, and surgical excision in some cases. Additionally, emerging techniques like cryotherapy and pressure therapy are being explored for their potential in scar management. In this overview, we will explore various hypertrophic scar treatment modalities, their mechanisms of action, and the factors to consider when selecting the most suitable approach for individual patients. 

Fast facts:

  • Procedure Time: 1 to 2 Hours
  • Downtime: 1 to 2 days
  • Back to Work: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Results: Long-lasting

What is Hypertrophic scars treatment?

It is a treatment that can be performed to help you get rid of the extra and unwanted hypertrophic scars. The term “hypertrophic scar removal describes different medical and aesthetic treatments performed to lessen or completely eradicate hypertrophic scars. Hypertrophic scars usually form from an excess of collagen during the healing process and are thicker, and frequently red or pink. Hypertrophic scars remain contained to the initial lesion, in contrast to keloid scars, which spread outside of the original damage site.


There are many goals of the treatment that can be different but the main aims are:

  1. To get a skin free from any hypertrophic scar that may affect your appearance.
  2. To help glow your skin and enhance your overall looks by increasing skin texture.
  3. To get rid of unwanted skin condition and get a proper skin of your own choice.
  4. To boost your confidence by achieving your desired skin free from any flaws.


The results can be different depending on your condition and the care you take after the process. The main outcome will be that you will get a skin free from any hypertrophic scars and this will also make your skin more beautiful giving a more fine texture. Your confidence will be boosted and your appearance will be increased. Although it is also possible that you may get redness and swelling on the treated area but it is normal.

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There are many pros of the treatment and the main advantages are:

  • It will not only remove your scar but it will make your skin more fine and smoother.
  • When you will no longer have disturbing scars your confidence will be increased.
  • In many physical exercises and activities discomfort will be reduced unlike before.
  • The one of the best pro of this process is that you can customize the treatment to your choice.


These are some steps that you should follow before undergoing the process.

  1. Consult with a doctor and discuss treatment cons and pros and other details.
  2. Try to avoid sun exposure as it may affect the skin around the scar.
  3. Apply a numbing cream on the scar to make it smooth and avoid discomfort.
  4. Don’t drink alcoholic substances and also don’t smoke tobacco at least 24 hours before.


The process is simple and mostly depends on the method used as there are many available in the market till date. Firstly the treated area will be cleaned and local anesthesia will be applied after that the procedure will be different for each method.

Surgical option:

In some cases surgery is necessary so it will be performed by a professional surgeon. The scar will be cut out using surgical tools and then the cut area will be sealed by incision.

Laser therapy:

It is another method in which a handheld device which emits laser beams will be used to remove scar. The laser light will reduce scars and after a few sessions the scar will be removed.


Medical experts may use steroid injections to flatten and relieve inflammation in elevated or irritated scars. This will help in reducing scar and eventually will make it disappear.

After care:

These are some steps that your doctor will provide you to follow to get the best results:

  • Do Not go in the sun exposure as it may damage the skin from the treated area.
  • Use a high quality sunblock and then go to sunlight to make sure you get best results.
  • Go to all the after check ups to help yourself get the best outcomes possible.

Ideal candidate:

Anyone is a perfect person to undergo this process who:

  • Has scars on the skin and wants to remove and get rid of all scars.
  • Is in good overall medical health and has no current health issues.
  • Who is willing to follow the pre and after care of the treatment.


The cost of Hypertrophic Scar Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia may depend on some factors such as the technique used. No sessions.

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