Tooth Filling Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Tooth Filling Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is professionally handled by Aesthetic Clinic as we provide the best and desired results to patients. It is performed to repair, restore, and refill the empty spaces within the teeth of the patient. After such treatment functionality of the jawline in all directions improves after such modifications. Which is done to fix minor damage before starting the treatment and during the treatment, anesthesia is used to make the treatment comfortable for the patient. This procedure is gaining popularity because of the instant and desired results it provides. It is also not very costly and aims to fix holes and cavity issues in patients caused by consuming excess sugar and not brushing their teeth regularly.

What is a mouth-filling treatment?

It is a cosmetic procedure that is gaining popularity day by day because of the instant and desired results provided by it. The empty spaces in the teeth are filled by an allotrope of amalgam and if the procedure is long doctor will use a general amount of local anesthesia to complete the procedure it is caused by causes like malnutrition or not taking proper care of your teeth like brushing them daily and not grinding very hard substances like nutshells etc. Enamel is the method of stopping further damage and reversing the procedure by using fluoride and minerals in the saliva from the toothbrush. There are many ways of solving these problems like crown treatment and amalgam fillings.

The course of action:

First of all, before having any kind of restoration or modification on yourself, always consult with a doctor as he will guide you by looking at your reports of X-rays. Then by observing your medical history and your overall health, you will be told about the procedure to fix the problem being faced by you. After that, you will be prepared for the procedure with some pre-operative measures like cleaning your teeth and proper medication. Then by using cannulas and dermal fillers hyaluronic acid is going to be injected into the targeted areas to obtain the desired volume and shape. A general amount of general anesthesia might also be used during the procedure and after some adjustments and fixing the teeth, the patient will be told to follow some post-operative measures to get maximum output of the procedure.


The results of such treatment from Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh are astonishingly good: empty spaces are filled, cavities are removed and the aesthetics of the patient are restored by such minor treatment. There is a boost in the confidence of the patient and also an increase in self-esteem is observed.

Healing instructions:

  • Refrain from touching and scratching the treated area to prevent infection.
  • Do not consume hot food or water as it will badly harm your wounds.
  • Avoid the consumption of hard substances in your diet.
  • Maintain your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth daily.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and consume food rich in nutrients required for healing.
  • Quit alcohol consumption and avoid smoking for some time.
  • If you observe any unusual changes contact your doctor.


  • The cavity present in the teeth of the patient will be removed.
  • Functionality of your teeth will be improved and discomfort will be eliminated.
  • No need for mouthwash daily to keep your mouth free from smell.
  • Bleeding gums if present will also be eliminated.
  • It has many ways of being treated.
  • It is very comfortable and also not very costly for patients.
  • No more embracement in the public regarding your mouth smell.
  • Results are natural-looking and will be everlasting if proper healing instructions are followed.

Types of mouth filling treatment:

  • Dental fillings: a composite filling that is made up of tooth color paste by amalgam alloy and can be of gold according to the desires of the patient. 
  • Inlays and onlays: inlays are custom-made billings and onlays are surface areas extended over the cups of teeth.
  • Dental crowns: these are the caps to protect the damaged teeth made up of a combination of metals.
  • Dental Implants: these are surgical fixtures placed in the jawline to improve the functioning of all teeth.
  • Dentures: these are removable prosthetic devices that are used to replace missing teeth and it also depends on the extent of the teeth.
  • Veneers: These are shells made up of resins to protect teeth which are also bonded to each other to improve appearance.

Cost of Dental Tooth Filling Treatment:

The cost of Dental Tooth Filling Treatment  in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia varies from SAR 399 to SAR 599 which is very affordable according to the results provided by our well-qualified and experienced doctors.

What makes us prominent?

Here we use the most advanced techniques to provide the best results to everyone. Hygienic conditions are well maintained by our staff and by the doctors also to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure. We also give the most affordable prices with the most astonishing results here at  Aesthetic Clinic.

Getting an opinion:

Anyone can get an opinion from us by visiting our website on the internet Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh where you can discuss your realistic expectations and goals about the treatment that you are willing to have. Our doctors will give the best advice according to your medical history and the problem being faced by you.  

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