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Transformative Alarplasty for Perfecting Your Wide Nose

Say Goodbye to Wide Nostrils: Discover Alarplasty in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. Embrace advancements in cosmetic surgery to achieve the slender nose you desire. This swift procedure ensures enduring results, providing a symmetrical and narrower appearance for your nose.

What is Alarplasty?

Alarplasty is a surgical procedure that involves the alteration of a nose’s shape. Alarplasty is also famously known as alar base reduction surgery.This popular cosmetic treatment in Riyadh focuses on reducing the size of the nose or nostrils, creating a smaller and more symmetrical appearance. Ideal for those seeking facial harmony, Alarplasty is embraced by individuals who wish to enhance their overall look. The process involves skillfully removing a portion of the skin from the nose, resulting in a smaller and more balanced aesthetic. Here’s a friendly look at how this surgery works

How Does It Work?

Ever wondered about the perfect nose-to-eye ratio? Generally, the width of your nose should align with the width of your eyes or be about one-fifth of your overall face width. If your nose seems wider or longer, it might throw off the balance of your facial features, making your face appear less harmonious. This is where Rhinoplasty comes in. Many individuals opt for this procedure because they feel their nostrils are too wide, diverting attention from their other attractive facial features. The process takes several hours to complete, ensuring a meticulous and personalized transformation.

Expected Results:

Transforming your nose comes with long-lasting results that are not only effective but also uniquely satisfying. With a remarkable 90% success rate, this treatment ensures enduring changes, and the best part? No frequent maintenance sessions needed, except in rare cases.

Choosing the right practitioner is key to achieving realistic and desired results. The expertise of your practitioner plays a major role in the success of the outcome. Don’t settle for less, make sure to select the best for a nose that truly reflects your desires. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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Procedure of Alarplasty in Riyadh:

Curious about what to expect during Alarplasty in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia? Here’s the rundown:

  • Your surgeon will sketch some markings around your nose to give you a preview of the expected results.
  • Don’t worry about pain—the procedure involves local anesthesia and typically lasts around an hour.
  • To keep things discreet, incisions are strategically placed under the alar crease, ensuring any scarring remains hidden and not visible.
  • Your surgeon then skillfully removes a wedge from the nostril wall, tailoring the procedure to achieve your desired nose shape.
  • Finally, the incision is safely sutured, reinforcing the new shape of the alar base. It’s a thoughtful process designed for your comfort and the best possible outcome!

Recovery Period:

Bouncing back from Alarplasty is faster compared to many other cosmetic procedures. Once the swelling and bruising take a breather in about one or two months, you’ll start noticing the final results. But, here’s the secret sauce: stick to your practitioner’s advice during the recovery period to speed up the results. Skip the TLC, and you might encounter some unwanted side effects. Your journey to a refined nose is all about care and patience!


Here are the benefits of the treatment:

  • Enhanced size and shape of the nose and nostrils.
  • A less complex surgical procedure.
  • Minimal recovery and downtime.
  • Achieve symmetrical nostrils and well-balanced features.
  • No need for general anesthesia.

Cost of Alarplasty in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia:

A beautifully shaped nose won’t come at a small cost. Alarplasty’s cost in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia depends on the surgeon’s location and the surgeon’s fees. Therefore, the exact price for nose surgery is determined as per consultation. At Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh, however, the cost of anaplasty ranges from 6999 SAR to 9999 SAR


The recovery time period for an Alarplasty procedure is between 1 and 3 months at least.

Yes, Alarplasty is a permanent procedure to alter your nostrils.

It takes several weeks and months to fully recover from the bruising after palatoplasty treatment.

Yes, Alarplasty is a less invasive procedure that is done under local anesthesia. 

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For those seeking the ideal nostril size at a reasonable cost without compromising on results, Best Alarplasty in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is worth considering. To learn more about the treatment, kindly complete our online consultation form to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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