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Dermatology is the study of medical sciences that deals with treating all kinds of skin diseases that mainly affect your hair, skin, and nails. This deals with medical and surgical treatments both. Due to a lack of proper care, people nowadays are facing major skin and hair problems. Some skin diseases may also be by birth but advancement in studies can do miracles. In today’s era of perfection, no one wants their skin or hair to be in a bad condition. But with the advancement in technology, every problem has a possible solution so you don’t have to worry anymore. For this purpose, our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh is providing Best skin Dermatology in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. This is the most reliable clinic for your skin, nail, and hair fears. Our qualified dermatologists will give you better treatment.

More about Dermatology:

In our clinic, our dermatologists provide you with the premier quality treatment related to any skin, hair, or nail illness. So let us explain to you about Dermatology and dermatologists. “Dermatology” is a type of medical field that deals with the handling of issues related to skin, hair, and nails. A person who specializes in this particular field is known as a “Dermatologist”. Skin disorders are the fourth cause of diseases found in humans. These diseases affect 30-70% of people globally. Such skin diseases can develop in the growing age leading to insert issues.  There are 3 main types of dermatology Medical Dermatology, Surgical Dermatology, and Cosmetic Dermatology. These types are shortly described below:

  • Medical Dermatology:

In medical dermatology, diseases such as skin infections, internal skin diseases, dermatitis, urticaria rosacea, etc. in kids and adults are taken into consideration and are treated.

  •  Surgical Dermatology:

In Surgical dermatology, skin wounds, such as melanoma, non-melanoma (non-cancerous lesions NMSC), and other non-cancerous lesions are handled.

  • Cosmetic Dermatology:

In cosmetic dermatology, the main issues and diseases related to skin, hair, and nails are treated through proper sessions. This field also focuses on procedures that enhance the skin including the face and neck. This is also known as Aesthetic enhancement of the skin.

The main purpose of this treatment:

There are some major aims of this treatment to perform. Our qualified dermatologists perform many successful treatments for such problems. They are as follows, 

  • The disease is diagnosed and the doctors treat skin conditions. 
  • A candidate can overcome acne as an adult or teenager 
  • Some major organ diseases such as organ failure can be diagnosed. 
  • Specialized treatments are done to cure specific skin conditions. 
  • This procedure will promote healthy restoration of your body as well as your self-confidence.
  • All of the nail problems including fungal infections can be cured.
  • Dermatology addresses hair loss


There are excellent results beyond your expectations. Here you will get to know some of them. First of all these procedures are accepted by the FDA Standards and are secure. You should not be concerned about any complications after getting these procedures. The dermatologists perform special treatments to solve skin conditions showing visible results. 

Best Dermatology Clinic in Riyadh Best Dermatology in Riyadh Dermatology in Riyadh

Dermatology cost in riyadh Best Dermatology cost in Riyadh Dermatology in riyadh


There are a lot of advantages of Dermatology in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. We are providing some of them below: 

  • It is a secure and effective method for a candidate.
  • The main problem of women nowadays is “Acne” that can be cured by our dermatologists.
  • Skin cancer can be caught by dermatology and is treated effectively. 
  • Dermatologists provide recommendations and guidance to the candidates.
  • The patient’s hair can be restored through methods like hair transplant in dermatology. 
  • Dermatology also includes skin grafting that helps in repairing damaged skin.
  • To get facial fullness through dermatology, collagen fillers are used to enhance the appearance. 
  • Through dermatology treatment, liposuction can be done for cosmetic procedures.

Some major instructions to follow :

Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh tries to guide the patients in their safety measures. Give a brief reading of these instructions before undergoing the treatment. 

  • A candidate should avoid skin exposure and excessive heat.
  • A person should use sunscreen before undergoing sun.
  • You should remove the bandages very carefully after dermatology treatment
  • A candidate should keep the site clean and wash it 2-3 times daily.
  • The candidate should clean his hands when taking care of the wound. 
  • A candidate should take proper medication as prescribed by the dermatologists.

Who should avail of this opportunity?

An ideal candidate for Dermatology has the following conditions:

  • If a person spots a mole on his skin that changes its shape or rather color.
  • If a person faces severe acne that doesn’t go away easily. 
  • If a person’s skin is irritated or itchy.
  • If a person notices scaly patches on the skin.
  • If you’re losing hair and you notice thinning hair.
  • If a person faces fungal infection in nails.

Price Of Dermatology in Riyadh:

The Cost of Dermatology in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia ranges from 500 SAR up to 3000 SAR. The price of the treatment depends upon the toughness of the procedure. Some major factors decide the cost of the treatment such as the type of treatment whether it is a surgical, cosmetic, or medical treatment, the number of sessions required, the experience of the dermatologist, and the location of the clinic. The cost may vary from person to person. Contact us to get to know about the actual price of this treatment.


Yes, dermatologists have enough knowledge about many types of different products regarding skin.

Start using anti-aging products in your mid-twenties to keep yourself young.

Yes absolutely, you have to wear sunblock every day even if you are indoors.

Yes, they can prescribe many medications to decrease excessive pigmentation.

Why choose us?

Suppose you are among those people who are facing terrible issues related to skin, hair, or nails. If you people want a perfect solution for your skin lesions or you want to have beautiful shiny hair and skin then kindly visit us. Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh is offering Dermatology in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia for you people. The Doctors available here are experts with complete experience and understanding of their particular abilities and work. A candidate will be fully satisfied with the treatment and the results he/she achieved. If you are interested in this offer, book an appointment by filling out the form.

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