Laser Lipolysis Fat Reduction in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Do you wish to beak the fatty cells to look more handsome? Embark on a journey with us to bid farewell to the excessive fat cells and enter into a new era of confidence and the sculpted body. Get the Laser Lipolysis treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia to unlock the younger-looking shape. Discover the radiant you with the cutting-edge and modern techniques offered by us. Read below!

Quick Facts

  • Cost: 999 SAR to 14999 SAR.
  • Results: Temporary 
  • Target: fat reduction
  • Downtime: none 
  • Back to Work: right after the process 
  • Duration of Treatment: 40 to 50 minutes 
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive 

What is laser lipolysis?

It is a process in which the doctor puts laser light to contour the body. The laser beam breaks down the particles of the fat which results in a sculpted and slimmer appearance. 

Areas of the treatment: 

The areas of the treatment include: 

  • Back 
  • Abdomen 
  • Neck 
  • Hips 
  • Calves 
  • Upper arms 
  • Thighs 
  • Butt 
  • Love handles 


There are two types of the laser which the doctor performs, 

  1. Non-invasive laser lipolysis: in this type, the doctor does not cut any area of the body and applies the laser light only 
  2. Minimally invasive laser lipolysis: this type involves a minor cut in the skin to insert the applicator of the laser 


The benefits of this procedure are mentioned below: 

  • Reduces fat which is hard to reduce through diet or exercise 
  • Tightens the skin 
  • Boosts the confidence 
  • No downtime 
  • No incisions 
  • No scars 

Who can get this? 

The people who are eligible for this treatment option are as follows: 

  • Anyone who is in good health 
  • People who do not make 
  • Candidate with realistic expectation 
  • People who have stubborn fat cells 
  • Anyone who has a medical condition like liver disease, diabetes, or heart issues should not get this 


The doctor will provide special guidelines about  how to prepare for the procedure, these guidelines are as follows: 

  • Do not smoke 
  • Do not take medicines for any other medical condition such as blood thinners and aspirin 
  • Take the prescribed medicines 
  • Wear loose cloths 
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol 


The doctor may perform the procedure in the following steps: 

  1.  Preparation: at first, he prepares the skin by cleaning it with the alcohol swamp and removing the dirt particles 
  2. Incision: the doctor will make a tiny cut into the skin 
  3. insertion: he inserts the laser through the skin under the skin to break down the fat cells 
  4. Suction: then he inserts a tiny tube for the suction purpose, which sucks out  the broken particles 
  5. Incision closed: at the end, the doctor closes the incision by making a suture 

Aftercare instructions: 

The guidelines which are provided by the doctor after performing the process are: 

  • Take the painkiller if you are experiencing any pain 
  • Apply an ice cold on the targeted area 
  • Wear loose clothes for some time 
  • Go for follow up appointment 
  • Do not drink alcohol 
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects 
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle 

Recovery time: 

The time of the recovery is not the same for everyone. It may vary, some people may recover in 2 days and some may take one week. For the gradual recovery follow all the instructions given by the doctor. 

Cost of laser lipolysis in Riyadh: 

The cost of this treatment may vary from 999 SAR to 14999 SAR. hover, this cost is fixed and final, it may change depending on factors such as the experience of the doctor, the Area of the treatment, and the reputation of the clinic. 

Are you interested in knowing the exact cost for you? Visit us for a consultation. 

Best doctor: 

Are you in search of the best doctor in the town? Search no more, schedule your appointment to meet the senior doctor at our clinic. Our team is highly qualified and experienced, they ensure the safety of a person and perform the procedure with care. So, hurry up and get this non-invasive technique from us. Fill out the form to get the laser lipolysis treatment in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. 


The number of sessions may vary from individual to individual. The people should get two to three sessions for the best results. 

No, the effects are not permanent although they last for a last the effect goes away with time 

Yes, this procedure is considered safe with minor side effects and a quick recovery. 

No, it does not require anesthesia and pain. 

You can continue performing your activities after two to three days 

Yes, there are risks which may include minimal pain, discomfort, or swelling for some time 

As you know this procedure is non-invasive, hence there is no recovery time required after the procedure. The candidate may resume their activities right after the procedure. 

The most common type is the sculpture. 

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Book us now at the Aesthetic Clinic in Riyadh to get the excessive fat burn with us through the cutting-edge technique. Our doctors are experts in using laser light. Call us to reach our best doctors. 

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