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Is your wound not healing properly? Do you desire a recovered wound? We have Chronic Wounds Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia, the ultimate approach for recovering wounds. These wounds do not heal by themselves and take a lot of time for the healing The treatment helps heal the wounds. Our doctors have performed successful chronic wound treatments and obtained maximum results.

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: it varies from case to case. 
  • Side effects: none 
  • Results: Instant 
  • Back to routine: after one or two days. 
  • Downtime: about 3 to 4 hours 
  • Type of procedure: non invasive 

About Treatment:

Chronic wounds are formed when the healing system of the body fails and it makes no changes to the wound in a time duration of  4 weeks or more. The caused wounds may not heal on their own for a large period such as years It requires treatment for the healing.

Different Kinds of Wounds:

There are a wide variety of wounds that can be formed on the body these are:

  1. Pressure Ulcers: This kind of wound takes place when a lot of pressure is applied on the skin which stops blood flow, damaging the tissues of the skin. It is often experienced by individuals who have limited mobility.
  2. Diabetic Ulcers: This kind of wound is formed in the diabetic patient and these wounds are created due to a damaged nerve of the foot. The damaged nerve stops blood flow, the high sugar level can slow down the body’s healing strength.
  3. Venous Ulcers: These wounds are formed on legs and are caused due to insufficient blood flow in the veins which results in wounds around the ankles.


The preparations must be adhered to for optimal results and to minimize any complications:

  • The doctor will examine the type of wound as well as the depth of the wound.
  • Inform the doctor about your medical reports.
  • Adhere to the dietary plan provided by the doctor.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Quit smoking or taking any drugs for several weeks before the treatment.
  • Cleanse the wound regularly.

How is the procedure performed? 

The wounds should be carefully treated. Chronic wounds do not heal by themselves the procedure is as:

  • Sugar levels are treated first and antibiotics may be used according to the depth of the wound and the condition of the wound.
  • These wounds can be repaired by treating the infection and selecting the best treatment.
  • Some of the wounds need to be cleaned from dead tissues.
  • The patient will be treated for diabetes.
  • The doctor provides the diet plan.


Like any other surgical procedure, it also has some common risks. These are:

  • Infection: The treatment has a risk of infection to minimize infections the doctor provides antibiotics to the patient before the treatment as well as after the treatment. Infections rarely occur.
  • Nerve damage: It has a risk of damaging the nerves of the patient these are generally the nerves responsible for the hand movement. The damaged nerve can result in paralyzing the hand or even weakness.
  • Scars: It is a common risk that can be formed at the needle insertion place. Proper and accurate incisions can reduce it.
  • Other Allergic Reactions: Some of the individuals experience allergic reactions to the provided anesthesia and medicines.
  • Stiffness: A lot of patients feel stiffness in their hands after the treatment and it is suggested to move the hands for improved flexibility decreasing the stiffness.

Treatment Options:

There are a wide range of options for the treatment which is dependent on the condition of the patient as well as the sensitivity of the skin. some of the most commonly operated treatments are:

  • Dressings: This treatment helps in recovering the wound. It ensures that the wound is protected from germs. There is a wide range of dressings that are used such as foam dressing and hydrocolloid dressings.
  • Negative Pressure: This treatment uses dressings and it is done with the help of a device that helps create pressure and targets the wound it promotes natural recovery ability.
  • Wound Debridement: In this process, dead cells from the wound are removed, speeding the healing. There are lots of ways for the treatment such as sharp debridement and enzymatic debridement.
  • Compression: It is a simple treatment that involves pressing pressure on the bandages that helps in healing by increasing the blood flow.
  • Medications: A wide range of medicines are used for the treatment, including antibiotics, painkillers, and infection-reducing medicines.

Cost of Chronic Wound Treatment in Riyadh: 

The cost of the treatment is dependent on the depth of the wound, the number of sessions, and the doctor’s experience in treating the condition. The cost is not fixed and it can only be evaluated by the doctor. 


Yes, the results are long-lasting. 

Yes, it is an affordable treatment.

Yes, it provides faster healing.

Yes, it is necessary to avoid smoking.

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