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How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take in Riyadh

Explore which factors affect the time duration of the hair transplant. It varies from the selected technique to the area size. Let’s embark on a journey to learn the expected time with us. Say goodbye to the thin hair and welcome thicker hair in a 6 to 7-hour procedure. Discover the timeframe and the transformative techniques with us. 

Read below to learn How Long a Hair Transplant Take

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: 5000 AED to 10,000 AED 
  • Results: Permanent 
  • Downtime: 3 to 4 days 
  • Back to Work: after five days 
  • Duration of Treatment: one to two hours 
  • Type of Procedure: invasive 

Hair Transplant:

It is an invasive process that helps to regrow the hair on the different body parts or scalp. This process offers a permanent solution for hair loss. It can take years to see the results. In this process, the doctor will remove the hair from one part and insert it into the other part. 

It’s important the follow the precautionary measures after the hair transplant. 

How does it work? 

At first, the doctor will clean the scalp and inject the anesthesia. After that, he will select the type of method and remove the grafts from the hair to insert them into the hair for growth. The grafts help the hair to grow rapidly in months. It is the best solution for people who have baldness. 

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take?

The procedure takes about 5 to 9 hours. The time varies from one individual to the other. It varies depending on many factors such as the technique used (FUT or FUE), the extent of the baldness, number of the grafts to be grafted, the Size of the hair, number of the sessions, and the doctor’s experience. 

Moreover, the larger size will require more long sessions. 

Below is an explanation of the factors.

Factors on which the time depends: 

These variations are based on the following elements: 

  1. Graft quantity: the quantity of the graft affects the time duration of the hair transplant, the less the graft the time will also get less. And  if the amount of the graft is higher then the time will also increase 
  2. Experience of the doctor: the time of the procedure also depends on the experience and efficiency of the doctor. For instance, the procedure takes fewer hours if done by an experienced doctor as compared to a surgeon with fewer years of experience.  
  3. Type of the hair transplant: the duration also changes due to the type of the hair transplant. For instance, if you want to graft 3500 hair follicles it will take about 5 hours by using the FUT method. And in the FUE method, it will take more than 6 hours. 
  4. Size of the area: The area also plays a vital role in determining the procedure time. For instance, if the size is large, then it may take more time to perform the treatment as compared to the smaller size. 

Moreover, it will take approximately six to eight hours to complete both procedures. The grafts were extracted by the technique of the FUT and harvested by the FUE method. 

The treatment may take 8 hours to complete, but it provides confidence and long-lasting effects to the patient.  

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