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How does P shot treatment work?

Do you wish to increase your sexual performance? We are offering the p shot treatment, which helps men improve their sexual functions by using the natural growth factor PRP  from the blood. It is a pain-free and effective solution for people who are looking to rejuvenate their penis. Let’s dive into the procedure and explore how the p shot treatment works. 

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Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: 1999 SAR to 4,999 SAR
  • Results: long enduring
  • Multiple sessions: yes
  • Downtime: not required for this process
  • Back to Work: after one day
  • Duration of Treatment: it takes about half an hour
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive

P shot treatment 

This injection is used to recover joints and muscle injuries and treats chronic health conditions. This injection consists of the PRP blood taken from the patient’s blood to enhance sexual activity by increasing the penis size and functions. 

What do I address: 

It addresses the following conditions: 


The benefits of the procedure are mentioned below: 

  • Provides stronger erections 
  • Enlarges the size of the penis 
  • Improves the blood circulation 
  • Increases the sensation and pleasure during sex 
  • Straightens the penis 
  • Improves the confidence 

How does P shot treatment work?

It works by administering the PRP solution into the penis directly which as a result enhances the size and functions during the sex. Mainly, it is used to treat erectile dysfunction and the general function of the sex. 

The PRP stimulates the cellular regeneration in the penis and enhances the collagen which helps in the healing process. 

Step-by-step procedure: 

The procedure can be done in the following steps: 

  1. Blood sample: at first, the doctor takes the blood sample from the arm or the vein
  2. Centrifuge machine: the doctor inserts the sample in the spinning machine to separate the prp ingredients which are used in the injection.
  3. Injection: the doctor then injects th prp-filled injection in the penis area which helps increase the size and boost the sexual abilities. 
  4. Time: it takes only half an hour for the whole procedure. 

Choose our 

Choose our clinic to get a professional and expert doctor. We have a team of doctors who have been performing this procedure for 5 years. They use cutting-edge techniques that are successful and do not cause any serious complications. Moreover, they have all the knowledge related to the treatment and they promise to provide the best results. So, hurry up and schedule an appointment with us. 


The people who have penile-related problems such as short penis size which does not satisfy women. 

The cost of treatment varies from one individual to the other depending on many factors, on average it initiates from the 

The doctor administered the injection in the penis area. 

It takes about half an hour to administer the p shot. 

Yes, it is an effective solution. 

Every cosmetic technique has some risks, the risks which are associated with this procedure include swelling or bruising which lasts for about two to three days. 

Yes, in Gernal the procedure is [painful but the doctor applies the numbing agent before the procedure which reduces the pain and the discomfort 

The patient can resume their activities after one day. 

Yes, it provides the stronger erections 

Book an Appointment! 

Are you interested in enhancing your sexual abilities? Book us now at an Aesthetic clinic in Riyadh to get the p shot treatment and learn how the P short works. Get your answers by filling out the form or calling us.

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