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Best Hair Transplant Methods in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Every person always thinks of having long lustrous hair. Many external problems including factors such as stress, hard water or unhealthy lifestyle cause hair fall. But on the other hand, this may also be due to natural conditions. Thin hair can be the reason for genetics as well. Losing 100 hair per day is natural but in extreme hair thinning you should visit a dermatologist. So no need to worry as our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh is offering Best Hair Transplant Methods in Riyadh. If you are sad about your hair loss then this is the time to come and get yourself rescued.

Quick Facts: 

  • Type of procedure: non-invasive procedure 
  • Duration of treatment: 50-90 minutes
  • Side effects: a little redness, itching or discomfort 
  • Results: permanent 
  • Downtime: minimal 
  • Recovery time: very little
  • Cost: 6999 SAR to 14999 SAR

What is a hair transplant treatment? 

Hair transplant is a very minimal invasive method that can help the candidate to achieve desired results. In these hair transplant treatment, the dermatologist selects the scalp area from the back of the head where the hair is present in more amounts. Some hair follicles are extracted from the donor area. These follicles are then transplanted into the recipient area. The hair fall can not be stopped permanently but can be cured through proper care and a good diet. Get your baldness filled with hair transplant.

What are the methods of Hair Transplant? 

There are two main types of hair transplant treatments named as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). These methods are very popular in hair restoration. 

Method of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): 

FUT treatment is also known as the “Strip Method” as the dermatologist takes a small piece of tissue from the donor area of the scalp. By using the Stereo-Microscopic method the units are removed and then harvested accordingly. A very thin scar is formed after the treatment.

Method of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): 

The dermatologist examines the candidate and starts the process by removing hair follicles from the scalp and injects into the recipient area. Microscopic circular incisions are made on the scalp to complete the procedure. There are two further types of FUE hair transplants: 

  • Manual FUE Hair Transplant: This particular process is used for the extraction of hair follicles.
  • A Robotic FUE Hair Transplant: The dermatologist extracts the particular amount of follicles for harvest. This procedure is carried out through an ARTAS robot. This provides a very accurate result.

Pre-procedure care:

Some of the following considerations that might be important must be taken care of are described as under: 

  • Keep yourself hydrated on the day of treatment.
  • Eat a healthy meal to keep your blood sugar level balanced.
  • Keep your hospital bag ready before the treatment.
  • Don’t use harsh shampoo.
  • Keep your hair dry and clean.

Aims of the treatment: 

  • Provides shiny hair.
  • Will help you to fill up the hairline baldness.

Some After Care instructions: 

Some specific instructions must be taken care of after the treatment:

  • Use the shampoo or cream prescribed by the dermatologist regularly.
  • Take the medication on time.
  • Get proper and regular check ups with your physician to check the outcomes.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the treated area.

Major Outcomes of Hair Transplant?

  • The recovery time for FUT hair transplant is very manageable, upto 10-12 days.
  • It gives very natural looking outcomes.
  • This procedure gives no severe scarring.
  • No pain during the procedure or afterwards. 
  • It has very less recovery time.

Who should get hair transplant treatment: 

  • People who want to achieve their dream hair.
  • The candidate who wants to restore their hair health.
  • For hair volume and length.
  • To get yourself worthless.
  • People who want natural looking results.

Cost of Hair Transplant Methods in Riyadh: 

The Cost of Best Hair Transplant Methods in Riyadh varies from person to person. Depending upon many factors the total cost is decided. 

Average cost: 6999 SAR to 14999 SAR

Factors impacting the cost: 

  • Location of the clinic
  • Fee of the dermatologist
  • Type of procedure used
  • Expertise of the dermatologist 
  • Technology used during the procedure 

Why Choose us?

If you are one of them who is suffering from extreme hair fall or balding from the hairline. Then don’t worry and consider our Best Hair Transplant Methods in Riyadh. Our qualified dermatologists are offering excellent treatments at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh. Get your dreams come true. And get confident with your looks. Our qualified dermatologists will provide you with great solutions. Visit us for further information and get more details about the treatments used.

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