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Cost of Syringoma Laser Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Flawless and smooth skin is the dream of every other woman or rather man as well. In the early twenties or late, many hormonal changes affect our skin and body. Such changes on the face make the person very much underconfident about his appearance. On the contrary, syringomas are tiny bumps that appear on the face, around the eyes, or the chest. These little outgrowns are harmless but can affect a person’s mental health by making him conscious. There is nothing to worry about as these can be treated using several laser techniques. Out of many such clinics available in the town, our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh can provide the most effective solutions for Syringomas at a very reasonable price. Visit us to learn further about the Cost of Syringoma Laser Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia.

Quick Facts:  

  • Cost: 2999 SAR to 4999 SAR 
  • Results: Up to months 
  • Side effects: sometimes redness or swelling 
  • Type of procedure: non-invasive 
  • Duration of treatment: 60 minutes 

What are Syringomas? 

Syringomas are a type of non-cancerous cells that accumulate to form little bumps on the skin. These are a result of the presence of more sweat glands that are formed. Generally, these bumps are not harmful but can make some people conscious of their appearance. Nowadays, there are many techniques available for every type of disease. For syringoma removal, the best option available is laser treatment. This treatment is very effective and does not cause scars after the procedure. According to many studies performed, syringomas are small yellow or pale structures that are formed over the skin of the chest, under the eyes, over the eyelid, or on the genital area. Such cosmetic treatments can be done by highly qualified dermatologists.

Laser Treatment: 

Lasers such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are used to remove the topmost layer of skin with the help of laser beam light and erbium lasers are used to treat syringomas by heating the sweat ducts. These two procedures are very functional.

Before choosing a treatment: 

Before getting treatment, some factors must be considered such as: 

  • Skin type
  • Size of syringomas
  • Cost of the treatment


Pre-treatment, some of the instructions must be followed: 

  • Avoid certain medicines such as aspirin or antibiotics to lessen the risk of infections.
  • Do not use any type of harsh product on the treated area.
  • More exposure to the sun can cause many side effects.
  • Consider quitting smoking and intake of alcohol.

Aftercare instructions: 

The candidate should follow the following after-care instructions such as: 

  • Keep the area clean and pat the area with a cloth.
  • Apply good quality sunscreen.
  • Apply gel on the treated area as prescribed by the doctor to reduce swelling.
  • Apply a cold compress to decrease the redness.
  • Avoid doing heavy and strenuous exercises.


The syringoma treatment has many effective results for the candidate. Some of them are as follows: 

  • It reduces the bumps under the eyes.
  • The laser can help decrease syringomas on the eyelids.
  • It boosts the self-esteem of the candidate.
  • It targets the bumps and makes them less visible.
  • Decreases the discoloration.

Average Cost of Syringoma Treatment in Riyadh:

The Cost of  Syringoma Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia depends upon many general factors. The overall cost per session of the procedure can vary from: 

Per session:  2999 SAR to 4999 SAR

Factors impacting the cost :

  • Techniques used: 

The syringomas can be removed using many processes including cryotherapy, and chemical peel solution but laser treatment has very effective results and costs differently.

  • Several sessions are required: 

To get your desired outcomes, more sessions should be taken to get rid of bumps.

  • Surgeon’s Qualification: 

A qualified and professional doctor charges more for his services.

  • Clinic location: 

The clinics present in more developed areas have more expensive rates than other unprofessional surgeons.

  • Treatment Area: 

The area of treatment decides the total cost. Smaller areas have fewer charges.

  • Equipment options: 

Clinics that have a new variety of technological devices and new lasers are way more expensive than the average sessions.

  • Offers and discounts: 

Many clinics offer great discounts that can affect the cost per treatment.

Best Syringoma Laser Treatment in Riyadh at our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh: 

Always find a qualified doctor who has expertise in his work. The laser procedure can help the candidate free himself from the worry of Syringomas. 

The candidate should prioritize his finances. Get proper information about the treatment you are heading to take. Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh can provide better outcomes. To know the Cost of Syringoma Laser Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia, contact us for more inquiries for consultation.

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