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Cost of P Shot Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

A person should own his sexuality and take charge of his sexual health. But due to many reasons sexual health gets disturbed. However, no need to be concerned as in this advanced era, every problem has a possible solution. Just like “P-Shot injectables” that are composed of plasma. Our best and expert doctors working at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh can provide possible solutions to the candidates. So, get to know about the Cost of P Shot Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia below. 

Quick Facts:

Duration of treatment: 20-30 minutes 

Side effects: little discomfort 

Results: lasts up to years

Downtime: no

Cost: 3500 SAR to 5500 SAR

Type of procedure: non-invasive

What is a P Shot Treatment?

In the P Shot Treatment, the surgeon takes out the blood from the candidate including “Platelet-rich plasma” also known as PRP. This prp is injected into the penis of the candidate. This increases the growth of specific tissues within the penis that eventually is beneficial for a stronger and longer erections. On the contrary, the P Shot treatment helps in upgrading the sexual health in men.

Reasons for poor sexual health?

The reason for poor sexual performance due to:

  • Diabetes
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Hypertension
  • Due to ageing


The results of P-Shot Injections in Riyadh include:

  • The erection from the penis gets more softer 
  • Helps in the increase of penile girth.
  • It makes the erection easier.
  • Decreases the pain during erection.
  • The energy during intercourse is boosted.
  • The blood flow in the penis and in the area surrounding penis is strengthened.

Ideal Candidate:

Before getting into the process you should make sure that:

  • If the candidate has erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • The candidate must be over the age of 18.
  • The person who has a specific medical reason should avoid p-shot injections.
  • The person who wants a beneficial result must consult a qualified doctor.


The P Shot Treatment involve following steps: 

  • The doctor will start the procedure by numbing the area of the genitals. With the help of a cream the area to be treated gets a little swelled. On the contrary, the doctor may also advise for anaesthetic mixture to numb the area present around the genital site.
  • In the next step, the doctor takes out blood from the arm of the candidate.
  • In this mean while, the blood extracted from the arm is centrifuged and then separates the PRP from the blood substances. 
  • Afterwards, the PRP is taken into two different injections by the doctors.
  • In the final step, the doctor injects the PRP into the clitoris. Total 5 injections are essential for the treatment.
  • After the injection, the doctor gives a penis pump with the help of a special device. This benefits the injection and overall sexual health.

Aftercare Instructions:

After the liposuction procedure some of the instructions must be followed as described below:

  • Abstain from smoking or alcohol consumption for the first week.
  • Do not take blood thinners.
  • Do not do sexual intercourse for 5-7 days.
  • If severe discomfort, then visit the doctor immediately.
  • Take the prescribed medication on time.
  • Do not do heavy physical activities for some days.

Average Cost of P Shot Treatment in Riyadh:

The Cost of P Shot Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia depends upon many general factors. The overall cost per session of the procedure can vary from: 

Per session: 3500 SAR to 5500 SAR

Factors impacting the cost :

  • Techniques used for the treatment: 

The type of methods selected for the treatment positively depends upon the price of the treatment.

  • Surgeon’s Qualification: 

An expert and professional doctor charges more for his quality services and treatments.

  • Clinic’s  location: 

The location of the clinic also changes the overall fee of the treatment such as clinics present in developed areas have more expensive rates than others.

  • Number of sessions required: 

For more effective outcomes the doctors prescribe to get more sessions. 

  • Treatment Area: 

The total area of treatment decides the overall fee of the procedure and session.

  • New technology options: 

Clinics with a variety of technological devices are way more expensive.

  • Offers and discounts: 

Many clinics offer a good percentage of discounts and deal on many treatments that affect the cost per treatment.

Fair Cost P-Shot Treatment at Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh: 

Always try to consult a qualified doctor who has expertise in his work. Keep calm, love safely and be intimate. An ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure. Visit our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh who have expert surgeons to provide you authentic treatments. To know the Cost of P Shot Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia, contact us for more inquiries.

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