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Cost of Fat Melting Injection in Riyadh

Many people who are putting their efforts into losing weight think that keeping a balanced diet and physical exercise regularly will help them maintain their body weight. But can this little attempt help them in attaining a symmetrical model-like body? Obviously no! The biggest reason is that even with high exercise, a lot of fats are still deposited in the body which eventually results in weight gain. In this case, many people opt for non-surgical treatments for their ease. Many clinics are available in the town but our clinic can provide the most effective solutions at a very reasonable price. Visit us to learn further about the Cost of Fat Melting Injection in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia.

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: 899 SAR to 1399 SAR 
  • Results: Permanent 
  • Side effects: sometimes itching 
  • Type of procedure: non-invasive 
  • Duration of treatment: up to 50 minutes 

What is a Fat Melting Injection? 

In this fat-melting process, special types of injections are given under the skin where more fat cells/tissues are deposited. These fat-melting injections contain “deoxycholic acid” that eventually helps in breaking down the subcutaneous fats. This is the most efficient procedure that is safe for every candidate. In this procedure, lipolysis is caused by breaking the fats into three main fatty acids and glycerol. These fatty acids are rather used by the body for energy consumption and balance the lymphatic system of the body. In this way, the procedure is completed and the candidate gets his desired body. 

Before choosing a treatment: 

Before getting treatment, some factors must be considered such as: 

  • Desired outcomes
  • Realistic expectations 
  • Cost of the treatment

Types of Fat-Melting Injections:

There are many different kinds of fat-melting injections to get. The specialist will choose his prescribed injection for the candidate according to their needs. The most approved injections are :

Techniques used for Fat Melting Injections:

This procedure is composed of the following steps: 

  • In the first step, the candidate is given local anesthesia to the fat areas.
  • The injection consisting of deoxycholic acid is applied to the candidate to the fat regions.
  • The total area decides the total time to be taken for the process as small areas require less time up to 20 minutes but big areas including the back, stomach, or thighs need more time up to 50 minutes.
  • To get multiple results quickly, these injections are applied every 8 weeks. 

The Ideal Person to Receive Fat-Melting Injections:

People who are tired of hard excessive exercises and dieting should get these fat-melting injections. Moreover, people who have more fat pouches and do not pay heed to surgical procedures should opt for this treatment to get their desired outcomes.


The fat melting treatment has many effective results for the candidate. Some of them are as under: 

  • It is a non-surgical procedure.
  • It has very minimal downtime.
  • These injections give permanent outcomes.
  • It improves the body bumps and gives a proper contoured look.
  • It is very easy and not painful at all.
  • This treatment makes the person more confident.

Average Cost of Fat Melting Injections in Riyadh:

The Cost of Fat Melting Injections in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia depends upon many general factors. The overall cost per session of the procedure can vary from: 

Per session:  899 SAR to 1399 SAR

Factors impacting the cost :

  • Quantity of fatty areas: 

The cost also depends upon the total number of fatty areas that are to be treated.

  • Number of sessions required: 

To get the desired outcomes, more sessions should be taken with a gap of 5-7 weeks at least.

  • Qualification of the doctor: 

A qualified and professional doctor charges more for his values and skills. Rather than going to an unprofessional surgeon who charges less.

  • Clinic location: 

The clinic’s location also depends directly on the price of the treatment performed such as clinics located in more developed areas have more expensive rates 

  • Treatment Area: 

The area of treatment decides the total cost. Big areas charge more and smaller areas have less charges.

  • Offers and discounts on the clinic: 

Many clinics offer great discounts on their treatments timely. Check your clinics that also offer discounts on their medication as well. 

Best Fat Melting Injections  in Riyadh at our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh: 

Before getting any type of treatment done or opting for a clinic you should find a qualified doctor who has perfect skills in his work and also consider your finances. Our Aesthetic Clinic Riyadh can provide perfect results for their candidates. To know the Cost of Fat Melting Injections in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia , contact us for more information. 

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