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Cost of Arm Lift Surgery in Riyadh

Do you want tightened Arms? Are you in need of a solution? Find no more we have the best Arm Lift surgery which is the best treatment for the condition of loosened arms. Gain the life you always wanted and achieve the desired results with our specialized surgeons. Start your new life and boost your confidence with Cost of Arm Lift Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. 

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 14999 SAR to 24999 SAR
  • Results: long enduring
  • Back to work: after two to four days
  • Duration of Treatment: 40 to 60 minutes
  • Type of Procedure: Surgical

What is Arm lift surgery?

The condition of an increased skin that causes an excess in the skin of your arm is treated by the treatment of an arm lift, in which excess skin is removed from the body the treatment can also be combined with a liposuction treatment for gaining the maximum results from the treatment. The exercises will help you gain the strength for your arm but it will not decrease the amount of fat in your arm while you lift it. 

The condition of hanging and loosened skin can occur due to weakening of the muscles which has no cure other than the elimination of it by the help of an arm lift surgery. The arm lift treatment is also called arthroplasty surgery. The skin of the arm is tightened by the help of this treatment. 

What are the Concerns about the cost?

The main focus of the treatment is to reduce the fats and muscles that are weakened due to age factors and give arms that have tightened skin. 

The treatment improves the appearance of your arms and provides tight muscles. The cost concerns for the treatment are which type of technique is used for the surgery, the condition of the patient, and the expected results of the patient. You may have to undergo more than a single session to gain the best results from the treatment. 


The expense of the treatment is affected by the number of sessions and the condition of the patient. The cost of an Arm lift Surgery In Riyadh and Saudi Arabia is between 14999 SAR to 24999 SAR +5% VAT

cost of an Arm lift Surgery In Riyadh  Starting price  Standard price 
15,000 SAR (+5% VAT)). 25,000 SAR (+5% VAT).


Factors Influencing the Cost:

Various factors influence the cost of the treatment. These are:

Several sessions: The number of sessions for the treatment is determined by the results of the treatment as the expectations of the patient increase the cost for the treatment and the number of sessions increases dependently. After a single session, you may not achieve the desired results from the treatment and you will have to go through multiple sessions with a doctor for the maximum results.

Size of treatment: The area and the size of the treatment also impact the cost of the treatment. A larger area would require more attention and concentration by the doctor for the achievement of the maximum results from the treatment as the area for the treatment is increased the cost is managed accordingly.

Number of fats: The number of fats that you may have in your arms that need to be treated can affect the cost of the treatment. More fats will require more precision and it will need more attention from the surgeon for the operation than an operation in which the fat cells are reduced. The doctor removes the fat skin and it is tightened.

Experience of the surgeon: The surgeon’s skills and experience also impact the treatment’s cost. A more experienced doctor will cost you more charges than a doctor who has less experience in performing the treatment. 

You should keep these cost-impacting factors into consideration. The cost of the treatment is directly impacted by these factors as well as the customizations of the patient. You are suggested to follow an initial consultation session with our doctor to gain the maximum results from the treatment. 

Attain the journey to health by choosing us!

Book us now and gain the best results from the treatment. Start your journey now and loosen the weakened muscles. Our doctors are highly skilled as well as qualified which will ensure maximum results are delivered to the patient. The surgeons will ensure to provide you with a comfortable environment while minimizing any complications from the surgery. 

Book us now!

Start your free consultation session on Arm Lift Surgery costs in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia by contacting us or dropping your details in the given blank form you can even book a session by using our customer care service for the reserved session with our top-notch surgeons at an Aesthetic clinic in Riyadh

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