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Do you wish to get the perfect smile? Reach out now. We are giving the best treatment for the smile. Say goodbye to the thin lips and welcome the perfect pout and beauty. We are offering an advanced process to enhance the volume font he lips and confidence. Embrace a youthful look by booking us. 

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What is a bullhorn lip lift? 

It involves a surgical process to reduce the space between the upper lips and the nostrils. The treatment gives the refreshed and the young looks with a perfect smile. People get this treatment for cosmetic purposes. The doctor cuts the nose and raises the skin upwards to increase the volume of the lips. This is also useful in addressing the problem of lip asymmetry shape and size 


The results are permanent and the candidate can see the immediate results after the surgery. It enhances the structures of the lips, making them look hotter and prettier. To get the desired results, visit us. 

Ideal candidate: 

The candidate is someone with the following characteristics: 

  • The patient with the thin lips 
  • Anyone having unbalanced lips 
  • People with long lips 
  • A person with a large distance between their upper lips and the nose 
  • Anyone who has realistic expectations 

Possible Benefits: 

The benefits of the treatment include: 

  • It provides the fullness in the lips 
  • Enhances the overall appearance 
  • Gives long-lasting results 
  • It causes no scars 
  • Balances the lips 
  • Provides a broader smile 
  • Decreases the distance between the lips and nose 

Pre care instructions: 

The instructions that are useful to follow for the perfect results are: 

  • Do not take blood thinners for at least two weeks 
  • Avoid intake of the medicines that are not given by the doctors 
  • Take the antibiotics and the painkiller prescribed by the surgeon 
  • Do not eat or drink anything for almost one night before the process 


The procedure can be done in one hour. The overview of the procedure is mentioned in the steps below: 

  1. Cleaning: Before the process initiates, the doctor cleans the skin near the mouth to decrease the infection chances
  2. Anesthesia: After cleaning, the doctor will administer the anesthesia to perform the surgery
  3. Incision: after alleviating the pain,. The doctor will make an incision near the nose and lips like the bullhorn. The doctor cuts to make it undetectable 
  4. Removal  of the tissues: the doctor then removes the skin and tissue and tightens the muscles of the person 
  5. Closing of an incision: after the process is done, the doctor will close the incision by making stitches or sutures. 

Aftercare tips: 

The tips given by the doctor after the procedure are mentioned as follows: 

  • Avoid performing strenuous exercises for some time 
  • Clean the area daily to avoid infection 
  • Do not move your face without reason 
  • Drink more juices 
  • Eat healthy food 


The patient can recover in about 5 to 10 days. To get the best results of the process, follow the guidelines of the doctor. 

What happens after the treatment? 

After the treatment, the patient may feel swelling and slight pain near the lips. The swelling will go away after 15 days. The doctor will recommend using the ice cold pack for the reduction of the swelling. For a more instant recovery, one should take the medicines regularly. 

After one day continue the activities. After five days, visit hospital for the removal of the sutures. 

Cost consideration: 

The average cost varies between 8999 SAR and 19,999 SAR. The cost is not the same for every patient, it changes depending on many factors such as the experience, complexity of the lips, location, and the anesthesia fee. For more information, call us. 

Our doctors: 

Get a professional and qualified doctor who is dedicated to providing the desired results. Our doctor ensures the safety of the patient and recommends the best option for them according to their situation. Get the bullhorn lip in a comfortable environment at an affordable cost. Our doctors have experience of more than 6 years in this field. 


You can resume your activities after one or two days 

Yes, it is a safe process 

Yes, it provides the permanent results 

Yes, it decreases the distance between lips and nose 

No, avoid taking blood thinners as they may affect the results. 

Schedule an appointment: 

If you have unbalanced lips then book us at aesthetic clinic Riyadh. We have professional doctors. To meet them call us or fill out the form. We are waiting to provide you with the best service. 

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